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No, Still Not My Vacation Post

Yes, I will get to it, I swear. But, first, a few fandom mentions.

I was over at the Gateworld site and found a couple interesting bits of info:

Firefly added to Sci-Fi Friday lineup.

And this time around, the Brits get screwed....

The U.S. SCI FI Channel will have the world premiere of Battlestar Galactica's second season when it kicks of 20 new episodes on July 15. According to a report at the BBC's Cult Television site, the U.K. network Sky One won't begin airing the new season until October.

CBS has the first promotional information up for Christian Kane's new series, 'Close to Home'. Apparently he plays the lead character's hubby. Go HERE and see how cute he looks with a baby (and decent haircut). :)
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Crap it's on CBS. CBS, the bastards who cancelled Joan of Arcadia. The bastards who cancelled JoA in favour of a "newlywed who talks to ghosts" played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Did I mention played by Jennifer Love Hewitt? They obviously can't be trusted with CK. I fear badness will result.
For the first time in possibily FOREVER I haven't had a single show cancelled that I care about. Which means, also for the first time, I'm not pissed off at a network. Though, if I had been a fan of JoA I'd be angry too. I'm giving JLH's series three weeks. A) Because she can't carry a show and B) it's a ripoff of 'Medium'. I hope things work out for CK because you can never have too many hot guys on weekly TV. I wonder if they'll let him sing?
That's great timing for Joss and Serenity :) Nothing like early publicity for the movie!

Christian looks very cute indeed!
And this time around, the Brits get screwed....

Wot, there's a time when we dont?! :p
Well, you got the Buffy DVDs years before we did. And Farscape and BSG both premiered there before they did here. OK, we did steal Hugh Laurie from you so maybe were even. ;p
"And this time around, the Brits get screwed"

Well, we may only be screwed for the first 10 episodes if SCI-FI do their usual thing of breaking the season in September and returning in January as they do with Stargate

That results every year in us getting the last 10 episodes of Stargate ahead of the US