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Is anyone in the 'Star Wars' fandom enough to tell me if a kerfuffle is brewing? I just read some extremely enthusiastic reviews of the RotS in which some shots were taken at the fans (like moi) who were critical of the film.

And of all the season finales I've watched thus far, the one for Las Vegas has the biggest cliffhanger? And what a downer! They killed Danny's father. Mary went off with Graham some rich dude. Nessa and Delinda's lives are in danger. Sam quit to get away from Clark Kent her husband who preceeded to blow up the hotel! Not to mention I had to suffer through the comic stylings of John Elway and Jon Bon Jovi. :(

On the brightside, look at my pretty new icon courtesy of icon_ascension. :)
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Jamie! EEEEE!

Ahem. Sorry about that, I've got the 12-year old girl under control now.

I'd say to control her if James was aorund, but I think you're safe with jamie. ;)
Most critical reviews I've seen hated RotS.

My favorite quote so far: Palpatine, played with all the subtlety of Snidely Whiplash

You're in professional company, at least. :D
Did you read the New Yorker review? One of the funniest things I've ever read.
How is it that everything happened all at once?

And tell me, why doesn't Sam just suck it up and be wifee to hot, insanely rich, stud-husband? He's everything she could possibly want in a man!

What a depressing finale. Blegh.
What a depressing finale. Blegh.

I know! I watch LV because of Josh, the mindless, fun entertainment value, and because of...Josh. ;) Last night the writers tried, yet again, to combine serious drama and lowbrow comedy and, yet again, they failed miserably. And WHY did they have to kill Danny's father? He's still dealing with his mother's death from years before and his time in the Middle East. Plus, Mary left him (granted, he should have stopped her but the damn casino always comes first). The death is a really crappy way to explain what he'll be doing while the casino is being rebuilt - taking over his dad's construction business.
I'm not in the Star Wars fandom, so I don't know if there is a kerfluffle goin' down, but I was surprised by your review, I admit. It's like we saw different movies. :/

I'd never take pot shots at you, though, m'dear. You're entitled to your opinion, of course. :)
I saw your review and wondered the same thing. ;) And your review isn't one I was refering too. It's the ones that have the 'if you don't love this there is something wrong with you and you're no fan' tone. I still adore the original trilogy and I think the new trilogy could have been quite spectacular had that hack Lucas left the writing to someone else.
Um, this turned out way longer than I thought it would be. I hope you don't think I'm ranting - there is no anger anywhere in this post - mostly I'm just fangirling so you'll see where I'm coming from. :P I never really explained in my post why I liked the movie. Maybe this'll illuminate my point of view for you. ;)


Well, actually, he *did* let someone else help with the writing on the last one (which is part of why it was so much better, IMHO) - but being the egomaniac that he is, that person went uncredited. Heh.

There were a lot of reasons why I loved it, but mostly it's because it brought me back to the qualities I loved about Episodes 4-6: exciting, campy, funny, and strangely moving. I don't think anyone in ANH/ESB/RoTJ was ever accused of having their best acting moment in the Star Wars movies, because that was so not that point. The point was they were fun, they had great stories; they had great action.

I can't remember if it was you that didn't like the 10 minute space fight right at the beginning of the movie - but if it was, you're not alone. I keep reading those types of comments and being utterly befuddled. What the heck else should one expect to see in a Star Wars movie? Maybe another crime that should be laid at Lucas' door is that because he took himself so seriously (and subsequently made a mess of the first two episodes by making them a) boring and b) melodramatic, respectively), is that people can't see how truly spot-on the flavor of RoTS was as compared to Episodes 4-6. They see camp and they think it's a mistake. Seriously - Vader's cheesy "nooooooooo!!!!" at the end of the movie? Hell yes it made me laugh - guess what, so did Luke's "Nnnnnnnnooooooo!" in Empire.

People don't speechify in real life like they do in Star Wars. No one is really as pure as the Jedi in real life. And Star Wars was never Science Fiction as much as it was Science Fantasy. But you mix these things together and somehow it's utterly charming - y'know? For all these reasons and because it's such a dark, interesting part of the whole story - I enjoyed RoTS. *shrug* But y'know, YMMV. :)

Oh, and Hayden sure is easy on the eyes. *cough*
You can have Hayden, I'll take Ewan. ;-)

This isn't specific to RotS, but, in general, I hate action sequences that don't enhance the plot. I know a lot of people thought the speeder bike chase in RotJ was cool, but it left me rather Blah. It just seemed like an exercise in trying out a new effects technique to me. On the other hand, the attacks on both death stars, the battle on Hoth, and the Falcon zipping through an asteroid field had major consequences for the characters and the story which left me with a feeling of exhileration.

The acting has never been steller (no pun intended) in any of the films. I think 'Empire' may have had the strongest performances overall because that film had a director who worked with the actors giving them motivation as well as asking for their input. Harrison Ford has always maintained that Lucas's idea of directing was to yell "action" and "cut". While Ian and Ewan could be left to their own devices, the younger actors with little film experience really needed someone to guide them.

I wish I could be as enthused as you are about this film. It was neither fun nor exciting for me. It's partially my own fault because I actually spent time comparing it to 'Battlestar Galactica' (the new version) a show that concentratees on the human drama and worries about the effects shots later.
Lovely icon :)

As for RofS, even the positive reviews I've read had problems with the first hour, that the movie didn't really get going until the second half, so I don't think you're in the minority at all.