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Damn You JJ

Just when I was ready to call it quits, you sucked me back in.

HE'S NOT MICHAEL VAUGHN?!?!?! As soon as Irina made the remark...and what the hell do I call him now?...ok, we'll stick with Vaughn for the time being...that Vaughn should be completely honest with Syd I knew some deep dark secret would be revealed. (On a side note, the people who do background checks at the CIA are doing a piss poor job if you ask me.) And then Syd makes the joke about him being a bad guy which given the shifting alliances on this show wasn't much of a shock. Given how casually he was talking about all this I don't think he is a 'bad guy' and I don't think that Syd will see him as such. But the, oh, by the way, I'M NOT MICHAEL VAUGHN?! I actually spit water on myself. I didn't see THAT coming. And what about the whole bit about Irina killing his father - which he reiterated. Hmmm, maybe it's true, but rather than Vaughn Sr it's another guy Irina killed. Maybe a Russian agent which could make Vaughn a Russian agent which means...I'm getting a headache.

The last 30 seconds saved this series for me because Zombies? What were you thinking JJ? It was the jumping the shark moment for me. But, with the mystery of Michael Vaughn, the possibility of Lena coming back (I did enjoy the Irina/Jack interaction), and seeing how they will deal with Jen's pregnancy, yeah, I'll be watching the fifth season premiere at least.

On the other hand...

Arnst was rather annoying, but did we have to blow him up? Especially when he had one of the few good moments in the finale refering to Jack, Kate, Locke and the others as a clique and pointing out that there are forty other people on the island contributing in their own way. ;)

It was ineresting to learn that Jin, too, was planning on running away. He and Sun really need to talk more.

Yes, Charlie, leave the crazy French woman who hasn't recovered from the loss of her child alone with Claire and her baby. And did anyone else hear the anvil drop when she explained her reasoning for taking the child - the other's wanted the boy. Gee, who could the boy be?

Which leads me to my huge problem with this ep - putting a child (no matter how much I don't care for him) in danger to create suspense. Having him be taken by rejects from Deliverance puts images in my head I don't want there. There is a reason I can't watch 'Law & Order: SVU'.

The invisible monster was not only laughable in it's conception, but was some of the worst effects I've seen.

What did Michael mean when he said to his mother 'He's not suppose to be mine. It was never part of the plan.'?

Charlie took some drugs with him. Color me unsurprised.

I have to admit, I liked the montage on the plane at the end. It made me think about how we, as a race, pass each other everyday and never really take notice.
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