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To Prove I'm Not A Complete Bitca When It Comes to George Lucas...

As most of you know, I thought 'Sith' sucked. But, putting aside the horrid dialogue, bloated effects sequences, and wooden acting, I wanted to see how well George tied the prequels to the original trilogy. On Saturday I watched 'Star Wars' (now known as 'A New Hope'...stupid retconning...). My initial reaction was "Oh, thank God, my laserdisc player still works!" :) followed by a realization that the storylines actually mesh together well.

Like mother, like daughter - Leia is serving in the Imperial Senate. But, does she know she's following in the footsteps of both her biological mother and adoptive father? Either way, she's trying to restore the liberty her famliy cherished.

How the Empire and Rebellion came to be (and why the rebels lacked the support of the Senate) is made clearer via the prequels. As well as realizing that the Emperor has been in power for nearly twenty years which is more than a little chilling.

I was always confused as to how Vader was 'elevated' from being Tarkin's righthand man to the Emperor's, after, well, failing. Now, however, I see that Vader was serving the Emperor all along - his presence on the Death Star was on his behalf to oversee it's completion while also seeking to put an end to the rebellion. Tarkin was merely another disposable general.

Was the rebellion close to failure? Bail Organa chose Leia, Anakin's daughter, to deliver R2 and the Death Star plans to Obi-Wan who he knew was watching over Luke. Was there a hope that bringing the Skywalker children together could somehow help restore peace to the galaxy?

There are several scenes I've seen a hundred (or more) times that can now be viewed from new perspectives:

- R2 really was the property of Obi-Wan (after Anakin went all evil). And Obi-Wan's first words to him, "Come here my little friend", were not just words of kindness, but recognition.

- Owen's rather harsh reaction to Luke mentioning his father and Obi-Wan. I use to think of Owen as an insensitive jerk. Now, I'm seeing that he was trying to protect Luke as best he knew how. I think he knew that Luke was a good kid and feared that exposure to the truth would either lead him down the same path as his father ("he has too much of his father in him") or get him killed. I always wondered why it was so important to OWen to have R2's memory erased - fear he'd lead Luke to Obi-Wan and his past. (On a side note, why didn't Owen recognize C-3PO? Or maybe all droids look alike to him. ;)

- Of course, Obi-Wan recounting to Luke the story of his father has far more resonance than it had before. How Anakin and Obi-Wan fought together in the Clone Wars, what a good friend Anakin was, and how Vader was a former pupil of his until he turned to evil. And then there is the passing of the lightsaber - the one Obi-Wan claims his father wanted him to have. Yet, in truth, Anakin believes his child to have died with his wife.

Now for my quibbles. ;) Why does it always have to be about the boy with Lucas. It's pretty clear in the original trilogy and the prequels did nothing to alter my view that Obi-Wan and Yoda pinned all their hopes on Luke to defeat Vader. Wouldn't twins of the "Chosen One" be equally adept with the Force? Either Lucas is, gee, BSing us with his 'I always planned on them being twins' talk or his is a chauvanistic universe.

And did anyone think to change Luke's last name? I'm guessing that the troops on Tatooine discovered rather quickly that the droids were with a kid named Skywalker and it took a nanosecond for Vader to figure out it was his son. Or are we suppose to believe he sensed Luke was his? Yet tortured his daughter without a clue as to her identity? Yeah, I'll stop before I get really ranty on that point.

In other fandom news, the June 5 TV Guide will have multiple covers showing off some of the sexiest me on TV such as Josh Hollaway, Patrick Dempsey, James Dalton, and...Hugh Laurie!!! I love the guy, but even I was a bit shocked to discover that a mainstream publication agrees with me. :-)
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