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Time to Do Something Useful With This LJ!

The multi-talented and very dear treacle_a has asked of her friends (and friends of friends and so on and so forth) to do her a very small favor to help her business grow (she's attempting to up her status on Google). If you could be so kind as to click on the link below and link it in your own LJ if you are so inclined, she'd appreciate it. I probably shouldn't do this because if she becomes too successful, she'll never finish 'Mortal Wounds'. :(

LSD Design - Exeter graphic designers

And for those of you who don't help, just remember, I know where many of you live. :)
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Thank you sugarpuff, I owe your - and about 50 other people now - a debt of unpayable gratitude :)
I FLocked my LJ when I realized I'd inadvertently used my claudia_yvr email addy to send friends, family and colleagues some travelogues. (I was rather panicked at the thought of any of them finding out my fondness for NC-17 vampire fic, lol.) And very few of those on my FList know my full name. In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of people who are that open, so hats off to you for coming out of the "LJ closet" ;-)
Okay, this is gonna sound stupid - how do you link something to your LJ?

Not stupid at all. In fact Treacle did a mock up of how to do a link on her LJ. It's [a href=""]LSD Design - Exeter graphic designers[/a] except instead of using the [ and ] symbols you use < and >.