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Brith, Death, Recs...The Usual

Let me start out by wishing a Happy 21st Birthday!!! to bethfrish. Yep, she can legally go get wasted now. Though it was our mutual 'House' love that initially led me to her, it was the discovery of her appreciation of the musical 1776 that proved to me she was a woman of excellent taste and must be friended. :)

I found out today that General Burkhalter (AKA Leon Askin) died. Another Hogan's Heroes alum is gone. :( I had no clue that he, like others on the show, had family die in a concentration camp. I know the show gets slammed today for it's political incorrectness (I still love it - no apologies), but it seems to have been a form of therapy for many involved in it.

Also at Zap2it, where I found out about Mr Askin's passing, was an interview with pompous ass stylist Jonathan Antin about the second season (premiering tonight) of Blow Out - a guilty pleasure of mine last season. Read here to see how all those chemicals he's worked with have affected his brain. His girlfriend must be so flattered to be refered to as his "chick" and "babe".

First, danceswithwords and I get addicted2goo hooked on The Bamber Battlestar Galactica and now she's finding House icons for me! :) See one of the many new (snarky :)pretties made by timorousbeastie.

I saw the movie Crash last night. I *highly* recommend people seeing this film. I like to think I'm so open minded, my brain is about ready to fall out ;), still, the movie made me think of what I say and how I view people. The really great thing about the movie is that in getting out it's message it's not overly earnest and avoids melodrama. And there's no resolution where in everyone sees the light and becomes a better person. Yet, there is hope. My head is still swimming from it all. Not just a movie with a message, it's brilliantly structured and acted as well (dear Academy, don't overlook Mr Cheadle here). And Sandra Bullock, who knew you had it in you?
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