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Inside Out

From the bad pun :) you may be able to deduce that this post is about The Inside and that I was less than impressed.

This is the probably the first show from a Buffy/Angel alum that I will not be upset if it gets the ax after just three showings. And I'm more than a little sad that a show with the talents of Tim Minear, Howard Gordon (which explains The X-Files opening complete with abandoned house, flashlights, and a red headed agent!), and Jane Espenson can leave me struggling to stay awake. It's not like it was horrible, it just wasn't very good. And with so many shows currently on the air or soon to debut dealing with the same type of subject matter you have to find a way make the material fresh. Either give us a really appealing cast or an interesting hook. This show has neither.

The lead actress is woefully ill-equiped for her role. The twist on the tired formula is that Rebecca was, herself, a victim of a horrific crime. She was kidnapped at 10 and managed to escape her capture some eighteen months later. It's vague as to whether or not anyone knows exactly what happened to her. This tragedy supposedly allows her to have insight into the crimes being investigate that her counterparts don't. The big problem is we were given no signs of this. Her big 'revelations' come only after being fed a lot of information by others and we see her doing no profiling of the suspect on her own. Unless she does it by osmosis. She has an annoying habit of hugging her files to her chest. As for conveying the childhood trauma in some way, any way, she's just not doing it. Unless that vacant eyed stare is suppose to show us something. Oh, and did she solve the crime? Not really, her boss did.

Poor Adam Baldwin. Is he the go to guy for unsympathetic, insensitive, assholes? He's the cliche jerk that you hope dies in the line of duty. Of course, he's balanced out by the sensative guy that just cares too damn much about his work and it's going to destroy him emotionally! My interest was peaked for a nanosecond when I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring. Since he's taking way too much of an interest in the new gal on the team, it made me wonder if he wasn't such a good soul. But, I'm betting we find out he's seperated because he was taking the job home with him, becoming more and more distant, blah, blah, blah and his wife just couldn't deal.

The one thing I did like about the show was Peter Coyote. And I think I shall just quote Daniel Manu of TV Guide here because he said it better than I could:

The only savior of the episode (not to mention of Nichols' Agent Locke) turned out to be Peter Coyote's Virgil "Web" Webster, who provided a refreshingly unsentimental, even Machiavellian, approach to leadership: "This girl has a gift forged in pain, and she wants me to use her." That's one of episode's few great lines, all of which were delivered by Webster. If executive producers Tim Minear and Jane Espenson want this series to avoid the fate of their last few (Wonderfalls, Tru Calling, Firefly), they should try to make its bite as good as Coyote's bark.

Actually, what he refers to as one of the great lines made me laugh. Maybe the "forged in pain" reminded me too much of a line from 'Angel'. writteninstars picked up on the recycled "Lurk much?" And I noticed they used the quick-cut/rapidly changing sky technique to go from night to day.

I'll just remind nyself I only have five more weeks until the Stargate/Galactica premieres.....
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Ugh, no, not the "trauma" card. Okay, consider me warned - not even going to bother with this one. Such a shame that these talented people are having such a hard time coming up with an original idea!
I was taking a peak at LJ awhile ago and saw your post. :) Yeah, definitely not something you'd be interested in. I might be, if not for the fact it seems like a rehash of every cliche in the genre. I certainly hope this isn't a result of a group of really talented writers having experienced failure in trying to develop something original that they are just hoping for success in what's popular at the moment.
I certainly hope this isn't a result of a group of really talented writers having experienced failure in trying to develop something original that they are just hoping for success in what's popular at the moment.

That seems sadly possible. TV in general does seem to like to repeat itself, until someone comes along with a single new concept and shakes the whole thing up for awhile... and then the cycle starts all over again. I think the last several years really have been something of a renaissance with a lot of new ideas hitting all at once - X-Files, Buffy, Alias... but now maybe we're getting back to the low end of the cycle again, sigh.

At least there's still BSG and House. Those feel genuinely "new" to me, or at least doing something new with familiar base material (the doctor show, remake of old space show...)
I usually run screaming when the term "remake" is mentioned, because, frankly most stuff that is remade has no need to be. But BSG is a wonderful example on how to take something that wasn't initially well executed (I hate to say bad - it was the 70s ;) and make it better.

I'm not normally a huge fan of medical shows (how many chests can you see get cracked open?) and'House' isn't changing the formula for medical drama, but it changes the characters dropped into that formula. House isn't like any other TV doctor. We didn't find out at the end of episode one that under that gruff exterior was a big marshmallow. And he may care whether his patients live or die, but he could care less about how many feelings he hurts or egos he destroys in saving them. He's the doctor we may hate, but would love to have.

Tim Minear created neither a fascinating character nor a new take on an old genre. It was like watching CSI Lite - half the characterization and none of the humor.
Yeah, I'd agree it's the characterization that really makes House different, which I guess is a tipoff in a more general sense to what makes almost any show stand out - if I think back to shows I've really liked, it's always been ones that had characters that "clicked" for me, not so much the plots or settings (this may have something to do with my primal TV experiences being back in the '70s, when it was cop shows or nothing, with the occasional medicine thrown in there). When TV desperately needs most is honestly new characters.

BSG fits that "new" category too, I think, for taking the characters in new directions - if they'd honestly tried to do a straight-up remake, I think the whole project would have tanked. The new show works because it's been updated into something we haven't seen before, with honestly new character types.... at least new in this context, anyway.
BSG, like Farscape before it, did something that other shows wouldn't and that's make their heroes not only deeply flawed, but also unlikeable at times. I'm not sure if the insistance to keep a show's protagonists 'perfect' is in order to not have to make viewers think too hard or fear of alienating the audiance, but it seems to still be the norm in sci-fi. It's possible the Star Trek franchise would still be going if Berman and Co were not so intent on sticking with a 40 year old concept.
I was really unimpressed also, and had many of the same complaints. The lead actress is really, really weak and everything about the show felt like a retread of about five other shows that were actually original when they attempted these kinds of stories (X-Files, The Profiler, CSI, etc.). The Peter Coyote character seemed interesting, but also incredibly unsympathetic, and I'm not sure I want to deal with the juxtaposition of his moral ambiguity with the dude who plays his conscious and all the falling anvils. Ugh. Plus, they seem to be going for the fragile-and-damaged with the lead female character, which holds about 0 interest for me.
Plus, they seem to be going for the fragile-and-damaged with the lead female character, which holds about 0 interest for me.

Here's a wacky idea, why couldn't the lead have been a fragile-and-damaged guy? Now, *that* may have peaked my interest, especially had they hired someone who could act. Because, even an inferior show will get me to tune in if there is actor in it I like. I've been ignoring promos for TNT's 'Wanted' for quite some time (Oooooo, elite crime fighting force!) and then I saw Gary Cole is in it. Yep, I'll be tuning in now. Batards.
A fragile and damaged guy -- you might have enjoyed "Touching Evil," which had a brief run on the USA Network before being canceled.
Actually, I loved 'Touching Evil' and was very upset when USA gave it the axe. The show had a few misteps (the story arc involving Creegan sending his kids away forever was bizzare, but they quickly reversed that decision), but there was so much potential left to be explored. I'm still hoping that with other short-lived series such as 'Firefly', 'Wonderfalls', and even 'Profit' finding their way to DVD, TE may too someday. Of course, I'm still waiting on 'Brisco County' and 'American Gothic'. :(
I felt the hand of a JOssverse creator the whole time and kept trying to enjoy it, but while you saw The Profiler, i kept seeing The Medium and felt that that was just such a better show. I didn't think the main actress was as lacking as you, but everything surrounding her, her storyline and background and much else, it wasn't so much that it was bad but that it was incredibly unoriginal. Which was just disappointing.

Ah well. Another show contributing to non-TV-watching activities for Ali :P
The more I think about it, the more it feels like I was seeing the first draft played out. The ideas were there, but the characterization and dialogue weren't anywhere near complete. And maybe because I'm watching 'Wonderfalls' right now with twisty plotting, snappy dialogue, and a talented cast that meshed together perfectly, 'The Inside' just feels thrown together in comparison.
The lead actress is woefully ill-equiped for her role. My thoughts exactly. She just seemed insipid. Just not right for the part. I might like her in a role more suited to her.

Loved Wonderfalls.

Can hardly wait for SG and BSG to return. BSG is amazing.