Asta 2

Woo Hoo I'm All BtVS Moody!

Thanks to wisteria_'s talents and my being able to follow directions I have new mood icons.

I've also noticed that two nice souls have friended me and I must, I must reciprocate. Thank you saava and drc1 for thinking my thoughts are worthy of your time. :) Oh, and drcoulter thanks for your response in regards to my recent drama. I see you posted a few days ago but I just now saw it. I really have to get in the habit of looking back at older entries.
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You Rock Asta. I did the same thing with my moods. So I hope to see more of your talent soon.
Asta, thanks for your kind words.:-)
You know what is really funny? I haven't posted at in ages but today I couldn't but ask a few questions--and look at the debate this has triggered, sort of.:-) However, the tone of the posts is much more civilised than what I have seen in several LJs on this subject.

I loved what you said in your post about JM, I wish I had more time to comment. If you are interested, you can find some of my own thoughts on Spike here and here. Those posts (including comments) are pretty long, though.:-)