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Summer, The Time To Break Out The DVDs

I'm off to New York in two days...Eeek! Have I done any packing? No. Have I done much in the way of planning? Uh, No. Does this mean I'm becoming a more seasoned and relaxed traveler? I hope. Least I won't have to shlep my damn leather jacket with me this time. And no_detective is trying to fill my free time by talking me into seeing a play. Of course, I may need some clarification if the nudity and Ron Rifhim are related. :p

But, before I depart, I wanted to get some Wonderfalls observations posted. That means when I get back I can concentrate on finishing up my Battlestar Galactica viewing and post about that before the season premiere. My thoughts on Wonderfalls do contain spoilers, so if you haven't watched, but intend to, you may want to skip this. Though, I'm not sure anything I say could ruin the show for anyone. Not as if there was a big murder mystery or anything. And if you've never seen as episode of the show, well, none of this is goign to make sense.

Usually shows with quirky concepts, intelligent, snappy dialogue, well developed characters, and superb casts that are cancelled early leave me lamenting their loss and cursing (insert network here). Having finally gotten around to watching all thirteen epsiodes of 'Wnderfalls" I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I'm not upset that it was cancelled. I think the show worked very well as a limited run series. To Tim Minear, Todd Holland, and all the other creative folks credit they knew the show had little to no chance of suceeding (hell, Todd admits they had the 'Save Wonderfalls' campaign set to go before the show even premiered) and, therefore, constructed a story with a beginning, middle, and end. No cliffhangers, no nagging questions. Even the question as to why the inanimate objects talk to Jaye was adressed in Ep 11, 'Cocktail Bunny' when the monkey informs her it's because she listens. Hey, works for me. Oh, and everyone got a happy ending (though, the relationship between Jaye's brother and best friend didn't quite ring true for me).

In the 'Greetings from Wonderfalls' documentary someone, I can't recall who, mentions that at the beginning of season three we were going to find Jaye institionalized. Huh? That statement struck me for a several reasons. First, aren't you getting a wee bit ahead of yourselves? Secondly, it depressed me to think of Jaye in that situation. At the same time I had to wonder how and why? It's possible she would have eventually committed herself, fed up hearing voices (though, I don't quite buy that with the final shot we have of her - more on that in a minute). Would her family have done it? Her brother seemed to be open to her 'gift' as he slowly was coming to realize what was going on. And her psychiatrist seems to start doubting her insanity when the "Save him from her" leads him to be saved from a patient bent on burning him alive. And my final reason for being surprised by the mention of a third season - I just don't think the show had it in it.

By the forth or fifth episode, I was easily decripting the double talk from the animals. That Jaye didn't seem to get it, but I did started to annoy me a bit. Jaye is a very smart girl, yet she *always* went for the obvious choice when trying to deduce what she was suppose to do and who she should help. Then was surprised when she inevitably had the 'oh, that's what they meant!' moment. I could easily imagine myself getting bored by the second season with the old switcheroo.

I even wondered how much more character growth there could be. Mercifully, they toned down Jaye's bitchiness after a few eps (her gratting personality was one reason I wasn't wowed by the show when it debuted), Sharon became more sympathetic, and Aaron became more then the cliche slakcker living off his parents. I also noticed that Mom and Dad became less critical and intrusive in the lives of their children. I know Sharon was hesitant to tell her folks she was gay, but, I couldn't really see them having an issue with that. In the finale, 'Caged Bird' their fears for their children were that they were going to end up alone and that somehow they were responsible for that. To know Sharon had found someone who made her happy I believe would have made them happy and relieved.

I'm really surprised we haven't seen more of the cast in other projects. They are all quite good and I either hadn't noticed at the time or had forgotten how yummy Tyron Leitso who plays Eric is. And who knew Jewel Staite could play a manipulative bitch so well? I was really hoping Heidi Ho (loved the nickname) would meet a far more painful ending, but I was happy to know that she was ensconced in a spa recouperating from the divorce, freeing Eric to be with Jaye. Like I said before, a happy ending.

But the thing I *really* like about the end was as Eric parts from Jaye, the lion begins with "If you want my advice..." and Jaye tells it to shut up. And it does. It was a nice bit of closure - Jaye was able to silence one of the voices. Now, I know they weren't going to just quit talking to her, but it was nice to know that they, too, were listening.

If anyone else but me cares, The Dead Zone season priemere is on at 10:00pm est tonight.

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