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Home Again

Yes, I'm back, contain your enthusiasm. New York was fun, there was much singing and dancing. Mercifully, not by me. And I met Alan Tudyk, briefly, and discovered that he can sing and dance...and apparently has been working out. ;) I also had the great pleasure of meeting no_detective who was an absolute delight and took me to see my first New York play which was fabulous. We were about two rows from Lionel Luther John Glover and Arvin Sloane Ron Rifkin. We also somehow managed to keep House squeeing to a minimum.

I'll post about the shows and celebrity spottings and chatting later. As well as our flight being forced to turn around a half hour out from Newark. And there may be a Batman Begins review forthcoming since I made plans to see it tomorrow almost immediately after coming home.

OK, I'm not about to come to the conclusion of part 2 of Into the West. What a piece of melodramatic crap. And it's not telling me anything I didn't already know. I think I'll go turn on 'Galactica' and recall what good writing is.
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I'm glad you're back, and I'm glad you had a good trip... and you met Alan?! EEEE! So jealous.

I seriously need a Wash icon.
Yay! You're home! I was totally missing you. So happy you had a great time in NYC. ::throws arms around you::
So glad you had such a lovely time, but dude, how did i miss that you were coming to NY? And how do i keep missing you when you are here? This must be rectified *firm nod*
Awwwww, I'm sorry we missed each other again. I did mention it several times on LJ, but, you've had a lot on your plate recently and I just figured you were busy and I didn't have as much free time as I'd like to hang out with folks. My goal is to go to NY some time without a having to work around a bunch of shows.
Gah, looking back at your LJ, i see all the hints now. It's amazing how i can be so oblivious sometimes. Bah. Next time, yes :P
Welcome home! So glad you had such a good time :) So, Alan has been working out, huh? ;) Looking forward to hearing all about it.
happy you're back!

i'll have dr who for you later in the week.

Woo Hoo! I know you don't have a lot of free time, but, if you find yourself with some, let me know, other than work my schedules pretty clear at the moment. It's three weeks til the next meetup. :(
i burned em today. i'll bring them to work with me wednesday, so then or thursday if you feel like dropping by after you get out of work. it'll be fun to see you!
I'll shoot for Wednesday. It'll be nice knwoing what all the fuss is about. :)
Yes, parts of Into The West do come off as medicore. I'm bored in parts while liking other scenes. It's mess that could have been shortened and tightened up.
Length is a problam. Especially when they aren't showing me anything I haven't seen before. Another issue I have is the narraration. This seems to dominate a lot of television today and I hate being constantly told what is going on. Here's a thought, why not *show* it onscreen? And don't even get me started on Jacob abandoning the family it took him, what, five years to get to because they seemed happy without him?
Ooooh, that was your first NY play?! I feel special. ;-)

It was so great to meet you and hang out! I can't wait for a full recap of your trip, although I did hear some juicy tidbits in person. *g* Also, a Batman Begins review - bring it on! (I loved it. Really, really loved it.)
LOL! I was just responding to your review. :) And I got my full NY recap up now. I think Batman will have to wait until tomorrow.

And, yes, you were my first. ::blushes::