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The First Evil

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Home Again

Yes, I'm back, contain your enthusiasm. New York was fun, there was much singing and dancing. Mercifully, not by me. And I met Alan Tudyk, briefly, and discovered that he can sing and dance...and apparently has been working out. ;) I also had the great pleasure of meeting no_detective who was an absolute delight and took me to see my first New York play which was fabulous. We were about two rows from Lionel Luther John Glover and Arvin Sloane Ron Rifkin. We also somehow managed to keep House squeeing to a minimum.

I'll post about the shows and celebrity spottings and chatting later. As well as our flight being forced to turn around a half hour out from Newark. And there may be a Batman Begins review forthcoming since I made plans to see it tomorrow almost immediately after coming home.

OK, I'm not about to come to the conclusion of part 2 of Into the West. What a piece of melodramatic crap. And it's not telling me anything I didn't already know. I think I'll go turn on 'Galactica' and recall what good writing is.
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