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I gave The Inside another last chance. I could possibly deal with the mediocrity of the writing if not for the fact the lead is one of the worst actresses I've ever seen. Who the hell made the decision to give this woman work? I would have shut the ep off fifteen minutes in if not for a moment of nostalgia...the agents are getting out of their car to investigate the crime scene, in front of a movie theatre. And what's playing at the theatre? 'Once More With Feeling' with what looked like it could have been an image of Dru and Spike from 'Fool For Love'.

Also, the name of the cat that a little girl lost? Angel. Yeah, they may have pushed it there.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly is The Must List with the stars of Superman adorning the cover. Just a few things that made me think of you all ;) and you may want to check out are: a very cool pic of the Serenity cast (Musts numbers 14-22), a mention of the DVD release of Profit (26), Bradley Cooper (28), the women of Deadwood (52-56), Hugh Laurie (78), and the cast of Veronica Mars (103-106).

Tonight I spent $7 on the July issue of Dreamwatch for a two page interview with Jamie Bamber. It's safe to say I've crossed the line from casual fan to, well, something (hopefully) short of fanatic.

Question: Lee must be one of the few people on Galactica who doesn't have a love life....

Answer: I'm fully aware of that. Everyone always asks me what I would like to see and I don't like to reduce it to the lowest denominator, but I'd like to see him get some or at least to have someone who'd quite like to get some from him, or give him some credit. There's a great debate out there about Apollo's sexuality. Is Apollo gay? Who knows? Maybe he is but I haven't been playing him that way.

Apollo gay??? Who's hypothicizing that?! OK, I know the writers have made some drastic changes from the original incarnation, but I can't imagine them taking it that far. And wasn't the point of making Starbuck a woman to create the possibility of UST between she and Apollo? People, not every TV character is gay. Why am I envisioning Helo/Apollo fic increasing now?

I still owe you all a Batman Begins review. I know, quit pushing me! ;p
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