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For All Of You Seeing 'Serenity' Tonight....

.....I hate you.

In less bitter news, I took advantage of Deepdiscountdvd's big sale (Psst, the code is SUPERSALE) and ordered me some DVDs. I finally broke down and bought the Galactica mini and Lilo and Stitch - a film I find myself watching everytime it's on TV. It's not one of Disney's classics, but that Lilo cracks me up. I still recall the first time I had it on as background noise and then suddenly took notice upon hearing her tell someone over the phone "Oh, good, my dog found the chainsaw". :)

I also picked up season 1 of Boomtown for $15. Eeeeeee!!! That's less than half of what it is on Amazon. I really enjoyed that show when it was on and it will be nice to relive it...except for maybe one ep which I recall being traumitized by.

And I put in my pre-order for Profit. :) Has anyone else heard that if the DVD set sells well there might be a TV movie? I read that somewhere, but can't recall what site I saw that tidbit on.

As I was up late last night steaming over certain events at work I caught Office Space on cable. As time goes on that movie resonates more and more with me. I had completely forgotten that the office manager portrayed by Gary Cole was named Bill (my current bosses name). I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry when I heard that.

Oh, and check out my pretty new icon by sdwolfpup. I now have three Lee/Laura icons. MUWAHAHAHAH!!!

And, in closing, why is it you run into the store to buy a few items and end up leaving an hour and a half later with $80 in groceries and merchendise?
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