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As Proof I Haven't Fallen the Face of The Earth

So, sdwolfpup tagged me for the 5 Reasons I'm a Dork meme. Thanks and I didn't even get you anything. :p I know I'm a dork in many more ways than five, but under this kind of pressure let me see if I can recall some highlights.....

1) I highly doubt there are many folks out there that still are using their baby spoons 33 years later. Obviously they weren't made for that type of long term use since the silver is wearing off. Hey, I like to eat ice cream in small spoonfuls.

2) Much to my mother's dismay I still run from room to room at home. I call it productive use of commercial breaks. On the downside, I'm a bit of a klutz and tend to incure collisions with walls.

3) I've seen the original Star Wars well over 150 times. I now know the film so well, I can leave the room for a prolonged period of time, come back, and know exactly what line of dialogue they are on.

4) My kitchen is a shrine to the Blue M&M. On the brightside, it doesn't talk to me.

5) Given a choice between socializing with friends or staying home and watching a favorite show, the show always wins. Friends I can see anytime, an episode only premieres once!

Ok, now I have to tag five people - writteninstars, raislak, reckleslinguist, k_julia, and lynnb you're it.

On a somewhat related note, I've now watched the first eight episodes of Doctor Who thanks to the generosity of divahag. :-) I have to admit, after episode four I wasn't getting quite what the hubub was about. Sure, it was fun and entertaining, but I didn't see myself getting hooked. Then I saw 'Dalek' and had the 'Oh, damn' moment. :p Even though I found the episode flawed, it got to me emotionally the same way other flawed eps such as 'I, Borg' and 'I was Made to Love you' did. I'll do a more in depth post once I finish the series. And I'll try to catch up on some of your thoughts too.

On an unrelated note, we had a baby boom at work today. Both a co-worker, Darcy, and my friend, Robin, went into labor this afternoon. Hopefully, we'll have word on the babies tomorrow. :)
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