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Why Today Sucked A Lot Less Than I Expected It Too

End of the month passed today without injury to those I work with. Not only was there zero stress, I actually had everything done that needed to be done by 5:05. I'm guessing below normal temps in Hell must have been in the forecast.....

The babies have arrived! Darcy's last night, Robin's late this morning - both healthy baby boys. :)

The 'Galactica' mini I *finally* ordered shipped today - Woo Hoo! And danceswithwords posted that the season 1 DVDs are due in July, as a Best Buy exlusive for two months with a price tag of...$49.95. Yikes. That seems more than a little steep for 13 eps. I'm holding off for what I'm sure will be lower prices at Amazon and Deepdiscountdvd.

I only have three more eps of 'Doctor Who'. Weeps. I really adored the ep I just watched. I even felt compelled to rewind parts of it. For those who have seen the series, it's episode 10 I'm refering to. There may be some squeeing when I talk about it in depth later. I just thought it, as well as the previous ep, were incredibly well put together.

Now I must debate if I want to watch another ep or sleep...
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What? The BSG addict and confessed Lee/Laura shipper can wait? Wow. Color me shocked. ;-)

Yay! Babies!
First, :p

Secondly, if I didn't have all the eps on tape and disc and hadn't watched all the extras and listened to the commentaries on the Sci-Fi site, I *might* have jumped on buying the DVDs. But, I have a real problem with price gouging which this feels like. Best Buy is just assuming the fans will run out and buy the discs at an inflated price to be the first to see them. Besides, I'll be so busy obsessing over the new eps, I won't have time to rewatach the old ones. ;)
You are so right about that. No time at all. In fact, I need to hurry up and get caught up myself even though I already know I'm working the night of July 15: Harry Potter party at the BAM! Yippee!
Nope, I don't think you'd be lost. The show does a pretty good job of bringing newbies up to speed. Also, I don't recall scratching my head over any plot points and any time I had a question it was usually answered, if not in that ep, in another. I do get the sense that there are some things brought up in the series that pay homage to past incarnations that are just competely going over my head. While it may make viewing richer for those who are long time fans, I don't feel as if I'm missing out on too much.
OH! Episode 10! The dancing! ::squees::

I am so, so glad you're watching Doctor Who! It means I get to squee in wonderful company. :)
The dancing! ::squees::

I know! They hit one of my kinks. Bastards. :p

I just finished watching the final ep. All I can say right now is Jack? Phew! ;)