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Why Today Sucked A Lot Less Than I Expected It Too

End of the month passed today without injury to those I work with. Not only was there zero stress, I actually had everything done that needed to be done by 5:05. I'm guessing below normal temps in Hell must have been in the forecast.....

The babies have arrived! Darcy's last night, Robin's late this morning - both healthy baby boys. :)

The 'Galactica' mini I *finally* ordered shipped today - Woo Hoo! And danceswithwords posted that the season 1 DVDs are due in July, as a Best Buy exlusive for two months with a price tag of...$49.95. Yikes. That seems more than a little steep for 13 eps. I'm holding off for what I'm sure will be lower prices at Amazon and Deepdiscountdvd.

I only have three more eps of 'Doctor Who'. Weeps. I really adored the ep I just watched. I even felt compelled to rewind parts of it. For those who have seen the series, it's episode 10 I'm refering to. There may be some squeeing when I talk about it in depth later. I just thought it, as well as the previous ep, were incredibly well put together.

Now I must debate if I want to watch another ep or sleep...

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