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Taking a Cue from Lynn

Started watching my Season 4 DVD's today. I listened to the commentaries for both Wild at Heart and The Initiative. I have to agree with lynnb that the WaH commentary was quite funny. My favorite bit was Joss repeatedly telling Seth Green how he 'gayed up' Willow.

Now, something Doug Petrie said on The Initiative commentary really struck me in light of the recent kerfluffle over James comments. Doug was commenting on how Spike was a very bad boyfriend to Harmony. Completely agree with him on that statement. Then he proceeded to say that he was also a bad boyfriend to Dru and he was actually in love with her. Huh?

Another example of the creative opinion differing from audiance perception. I know Spike treated Harm badly. And because of selfish desires he was a bad 'boyfriend' to Buffy on many ocassions. But Dru? He did everything he could to to make her happy and take care of her. I just don't see where he was bad to her. But, evidently, Mr Petrie does and that's OK, like James, he's entitled to his opinion (though I'd be fascinated to hear his reasoning). It just struck me when he said it that this was something I had never heard before or even considered myself.

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