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What To Do on the 4th? Watch the World End.

I think I'm going to give up at this point on doing a Batman Begins review. The truth is, as much as I liked it, I just wasn't blown away by it like so many others were. And then I read some amazing posts on the film and I just couldn't come up with anything to compare.

I do, however, have a few things to say about War of the Worlds. Much like Mr & Mrs Smith I enjoyed it more than I expected to. And I could largely ignore the Tom Cruise factor. No spoiler (heck, it may encourage you to go), he lent nothing to the film and was pretty much upstaged by whoever happened to be in a scene with him. The effects were outstanding and, unlike most blockbusters, intregal to the plot. I liked That Spielberg opted to go with a more documentary style of filmaking giving you the feeling that you were there as the horror unfolded. Of the what I know of the original story, I believe the film retained many aspects of it, at least in regards to the alien invasion. The characters were newly created and not as developed as I would have liked. And, while not on the edge of my seat, there were moments of suspense.

One of my favorite things about disaster films is how the hero always manages to find what he needs to assist him in his journey. Not only does Ray get the one functioning car, it doesn't incur any damage even though the house they are staying in his nearly completely destoryed and a plane crashed not 50 feet away. Oh, and he's still able to drive it out of there because, gee, amongst all the debirs there's a clear path on the road. ::rollseyes::

I don't quite get why Tim Robbins nutjob character had to make an appearance midway through the film. Was it to show the psychological effect that humanity's annihilation was having on people? I think the violent brawl that broke out over Ray's minivan was enough to demenstrate just how low the human race can go. It also showed what acts people will commit out of desperation. It was more too murky, for me, as to why Ray resorts to murder. Had they presented a real and immediate threat to Rachel's well being, I might have accepted it as an act of self-preservation. As it is, we are to assume Ray just isn't willing to take a chance with his daugter's life. But, even with everything going on around them, I would have liked to seen the weight of what he did bare down on him more. Or is Tom only allowed to cry once in a movie?

I knew that aliens were undone by pesky little microbes. They really should have read up on earth history before the big invasion. We wiped out more Native Americans with disease then guns. It's the very ending that left me disappointed. It was bad enough we were suppose to accept that the son, who walked into the middle of a firey battle wiping out a fricken army unit, somehow made it home on his own. We are also presented with Mom and stepdad having made it safely to grandma and grandpa's house. A house untouched by the violence on seemingly the only street in Bostin left intact. WTF??? This is something I hate about Spielberg. The need he has to give us (excluding his films based on actual events) a happy ending. Ok, fine, you couldn't kill Dakota Fanning, but have the balls to kill off the brother or mother or someone we 'know'! One billion people died, but you keep a family that lives in two of the most populated cities in the country intact. And, I swear, there was a light on in the window. :(
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