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Well, I Finally Did It

About a half hour ago I ordered a notebook computer. It's a SONY because I like sticking with a brand I trust and my current computer has only given me minor headaches over the years. (danceswithwords it's the model you gave me the heads up on :) I'm hoping to have it before the weekend, but at least I should have it in time for the Big Premieres.

Now, I'll have to go ahead and start deleting/figuring out how I can transfer stuff off my current computer. There is a way to transfer bookmarked websites, right? My mother is already refering to the computer I'm on now as the one she's getting. :/
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YayYayYayYayYayYay! Wheee!!!!

So happy for you! Not so much for your bank account, but totally happy for you. ;-)
Yeah, the bank account is an unhappy camper this morning. It could have been unhappier, but I called my mom to hash out my choices (not that she knows anything about computers, but it was late and sometimes discussing stuff out loud helps me more than just reviewing it all in my head) and opted to go with the least expensive model that still had everything on it I wanted.

Hey, your icon reminds me I need to tell you later another theory I heard as to who is at the door. ;)
Gah! E-mail me what you heard. Read. Whatevah.

Also? You are a very smart, practical woman. I knew you could pick one. :-)

Yay you. Welcome to the world of watching DVDs on your puter in bed.
And the world of the computer falling off the bed and money going down the toilet! ;-)
Mine came thisclose to falling off the bed yesterday! But that was a first in three years, and I'm a world-class spazz. So you should be okay.
Cool. Cool. Which model? and what is the model you currently have?

Yup there is an easy way to transfer bookmarks and various other files. USB thumb drive comes to mind as the transfer method, and if you need any help with what to move let me know (got this week off work). I've become quite the expert in data migration the last few weeks....
The new one is a VGN FS Something Something. The old one the hell should I remember? It was fairly advanced in it's time.

USB I get. Thumb Drive? Actually, the only thing on the hard that I'm a wee bit interested in keeping are my user pics and there are ways around that. Luckily, I never downloaded songs or video.
Thumb drive = flash drive = memory stick = small little device you plug into a PC transfer files to it, then plug into another PC and move files back.

People have then on keychains or wear around their neck.
Whee! Good for you!

Okay, since i've had to transfer bookmarks too many times, i do have a good way.

Do you have a yahoo account? Okay, even if you don't, they are free, sign up just for the one time.

Export your bookmarks(it's under manage bookmarks, for mozilla at least) to your desktop or wherever you want a file to sit briefly.

Then go to There you can import these bookmarks onto the internet (if you are using mozilla, choose netscape when they ask you to choose a browser to import from).

Once you get the new computer, go to this website and export these bookmarks to a file again onto your desktop. And then open up your explorer and import this file. And you're set.

It's honestly incredibly simple and it's been a place i update my bookmarks occasionally so i can always have them just in case.

if you have any questions on this, let me know :)
Thanks Ali. I do have a Yahoo account (as well as Firefox) and I thought I recalled that it was Yahoo that gave you the ability to save your bookmarks. The step by step instructions will be really helpful. :)
Congratulations on the notebook! I think it took me less than a week to wonder how I ever lived without one once I got mine. In my case, transfering my data off the old computer was... well, painful, me being rather tech illiterate -- my idea of transfering bookmarks was to write them down on paper -- but you seem to be getting good advice here. :-)
Thank you. :) I'm fairly tech illiterate myself so this should all be a fun experience for me. Fortunately, I never saved a lot to my computer and if I were to lose anything it's not the end of the world. But, I'm going to try and see what I can do.

Hey, are you downloading the new season of BSG? I was just wondering how long I have to wait for your Lee/Laura insights? ;-)
Hey, are you downloading the new season of BSG? I was just wondering how long I have to wait for your Lee/Laura insights? ;-)

I will be watching, oh yes! I'm trying not to get my hopes up regarding shipping material, but oh, wouldn't it be great... And I'm fairly easy to please, I could watch the tag of Bastille Day forever and turn into a puddle of shippy goo every time. I think it's a safe bet I will share any happy shippiness that comes my way, though if it's going to qualify as 'insights'... *g*
As far as I'm concerned, if they are in the same room and talking to each other, they'll be shipping material. ;)
Yay for you! I know you have been wanting one for a while, so I'm glad you were able to get it. My next purchase just may be for a flat screen monitor, as I miss that flat screen clarity that I had with my old, old notebook.

You are getting good advice as to how to transfer bookmarks - my clunky way was to save them on a floppy disk and reload them on my new harddrive.
You are getting good advice as to how to transfer bookmarks - my clunky way was to save them on a floppy disk and reload them on my new harddrive.

No floppy disc drive on the new computer so it would have been pen and paper without some sage advice.
I hope this machine works out for you, since if it doesn't, it's sort of my fault!

Memory sticks are an option, though you might have to purchase a drive that will allow you to offload files from your current desktop machine, since it's probably too old to come equipped with it. Since my last laptop had the unfortunate encounter with the coffee and I lost everything, I've been backing up all my files to my XDrive account; that may be something you could use too, since it's all a matter of moving files online and then back to your laptop.
I hope this machine works out for you, since if it doesn't, it's sort of my fault!

Sort of?! This doesn't work out, you are in sooo much trouble missy!

I don't have that much on my computer that I really care about (thankfully), but I'll keep the XDrive thing in mind. Thanks.

Which Internet Browser are you using?

For Internet Explorer to transfer bookmarks you will export them, then import them.

To export:
Open Internet Explorer. From the top menu, click on:
Select Import/Export by clicking on it
Click on "Next"
Select "Export Favorites" and click on "Next"
Then click on "Next" again
It will default to a location to save the file. You can pick a different location if you like.
Click on "Next"
Then click on "Finish" then "OK"
This exports a file named "bookmark.htm"

You'll copy this file into your new computer and then do an import.

Let me know if you get this far and I will tell you the import instructions.

Or send me an e-mail and I can call you or you can call me and I can walk you through it on the phone.
Wow. I'm glad I have friends who know what the hell they are doing with a computer. :) I actually use Firefox so I'm going to try Ali's direction above. But, I appreciate the help and may need it yet.