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How many more days until the Sci-Fi Friday premieres? 11? :)

Sci-Fi seems to be doing all they can to publicize their shows (and why couldn't we have done this with 'Farscape'?). Since the Gateworld site can be a spoiler minefield, here are the direct links to some stuff you may all be interested in....

Stargate SG-1 Season 9 Cast Photos which are only spoilery if you've been living under a rock and unaware of who's coming and going.

TV Guide's Sci-Fi Friday Cover Extraveganza. There are a few minor Stargate and Atlantis spoilers. but nothing about the upcoming season of BSG. The page has three of the four covers up (the forth is Ben, Tricia, and the Captain (?) from Atlantis). Sadly, no Jamie. :(

I was unaware that the Season 1 soundtrack of Galactica was out. I may have to get a copy which Best Buy apparently has along with the the Spike DVD exclusive which I'm still on the fence about. 'School Hard', 'Lover's Walk' and 'Fool For Love' I get, but how is 'Lie to Me' a Spike ep?
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