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Galactica Makes Everything Better

After a craptacular late afternoon at work (if you didn't already know, American Express is a corporate subsidiary of Hell), I arrived home to find in my mailbox my BSG mini DVD, the latest Entertainment Weekly with Willy Wonka/Johnny Depp on the cover and an interview with Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty singer, NOT 'Veronica Mars' creator) inside and NO BILLS! :)

Then I sat down to watch the rest of the BSG marathon on Sci-Fi only leaving the couch when nature called. Now, I'm going to make a statement that may or may not shock some of you (it did surprise me), but my love of Apollo has superseded that of Spike. And, no, it's not just for the obvious reasons, I do have *some* depth people. I adore the layers to this character and how incredibly complex (and fragile) his emotional state is. I'm not sure that it was seeing some of these eps for the fourth fifth sixth time that led me to this revelation or if it was something I caught a glimpse of in the latest promo. If you've seen the promos or don't mind knowing what's in them follow me...

The promo that has been running the past six weeks or so with Lee being dragged away screaming "He's my father!" has left a knot in my stomach every.single.time. Then we had promo #2 wherein Laura tells Lee that all Hell breaking loose has happened for a reason, it's meant to be, yadda, yadda and Lee following up "I'm glad you have something to believe in. I wish I did." My poor lost and alone boy. He needs a hug and someone to tell him he did the right thing. I'm willing to volunteer.

Now, after seeing these snippets of angst and tragedy and pain and worrying about what this may do to our hero I saw this exchange....

Tigh: "You sided with that woman against the old man. You're not fit to wear a uniform."

Apollo: (Not missing a beat, turns to him with an ever so slight, cocky smile) "Then again, neither are you."


*That's* the Apollo I love. Ideologiocally, he may be certain as to what is right, yet he'll doubt his actions in support of his beliefs. And he may feel he doesn't deserve to wear a Colonial officer's uniform because he did betray an oath he took when joining the military service. But, he's not going to be judged/take crap from someone who himself commited an illegal act by overthrowning the legitimate government.

Damn, I love season 2 and it hasn't even started yet.

Um, can computers know they are being replaced? Because my computer is suddenly acting oddly. =/
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I'm not looking at the cut-tag... Ergo, mostly pointless comment, but I agree about BSG making everything better! :-) And now you've got me even more intrigued what is up with Lee in the new season. Do get back to me in two weeks. *g*
I didn't meant to tempt anybody ;), but I had this reaction and I felt compelled to, if not share, get it written down so I can refer back to it later. I do think this is going to be an Apollorific season. :)
Um, can computers know they are being replaced? Because my computer is suddenly acting oddly. =/

I think that's certainly a possibility. I try never to badmouth my laptop when it can hear me, as it must last me another couple of years. My old printer, which had never given me any trouble, went on solidarity strike two days after I chucked the old computer, and never recovered.
Oh, No! Well, I was going to get a new printer eventually, but I better accelerate the decision making process.
I know, I know. Though, I think having sat through James' non-Buffy related work has earned me a ticket out of purgatory. ;p
Will you be proud of me if I tell you I watched the BSG marathon from 9:00 pm 'til midnight? Bring on the new season!
Very! I really need to be getting paid for all the people I've sucked into watching 'House' and BSG.
Thanks! Ha! If only there was such a thing, I could retire. After all the people I got hooked onto Buffy, Gilmore Girls, not to mention numerous authors. Alas not.

Watched the previews for the new season many times. What's with putting Apollo back in a shirt after they arrest him?
What's with putting Apollo back in a shirt after they arrest him?

My hope is that so Laura can rip it off.
That's almost sadder than "he's my father" because it tells me how profoundly alone Lee really is.

It really is sadder because we have the show's most idealistic character voicing the feeling that there is just nothing left for him to care about. And I think everything he's been fighting so hard for and watched people die for he sees laying in ruins.

I'll one up you. Any breaks I took to go to the bathroom or kitchen I made sure I did during the show so I wouldn't miss any promos. :)
I did read a spoiler about a certain two-parter that is going to happen during the middle of season 2 regarding a certain thing that fans wanted to appaer in the new series (keeping it vague in case you don't want to know the spoiler).
I actually know about that spoiler which I didn't really consider that much of a spoiler. It was something I took for granted would happen at some point.
I'm with you, even though the season hasn't started yet! My love for Apollo grows more and more each time I see him. Added to that is my happiness for Jamie, that he finally has a great part in a great show. He really deserves it.