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The First Evil

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Guess What I'm Typing From?

My new notebook computer. :) I ordered it late Monday night and it arrived this afternoon. Talk about service. But, since I had plans this evening I wasn't able to get on this thing until late this evening. Thus far, I've managed to turn it on successfully and connect to the internet. The latter was a bit of a challenge since my networking instructions were at least four years old and for Windows 98. And since becoming a Firefox convert I had forgotten how much Explorer sucks for dial-up. Firefox just finished downloading, so guess what I'm doing next?

Tomorrow will be spent figuring out just what this baby can do. Apparently they don't give you manuals anymore so it's perusing user guide on the computer. I'll also need to attempt to hook up my printer. And I already have a request to burn a DVD. You know what I'll be doing this weekend.

I'm already loving this widescreen. Maybe all those big ass pics won't screw up my formatting anymore.

Now, I think I'll go collapse from exhaustion.
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