Asta 2

Guess What I'm Typing From?

My new notebook computer. :) I ordered it late Monday night and it arrived this afternoon. Talk about service. But, since I had plans this evening I wasn't able to get on this thing until late this evening. Thus far, I've managed to turn it on successfully and connect to the internet. The latter was a bit of a challenge since my networking instructions were at least four years old and for Windows 98. And since becoming a Firefox convert I had forgotten how much Explorer sucks for dial-up. Firefox just finished downloading, so guess what I'm doing next?

Tomorrow will be spent figuring out just what this baby can do. Apparently they don't give you manuals anymore so it's perusing user guide on the computer. I'll also need to attempt to hook up my printer. And I already have a request to burn a DVD. You know what I'll be doing this weekend.

I'm already loving this widescreen. Maybe all those big ass pics won't screw up my formatting anymore.

Now, I think I'll go collapse from exhaustion.
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Sony VAIO. My other computer was a VAIO and it never gave me any major headaches. Actually, I've never had a problem with any Sony product and they have such great screen resolution. :)
VAIO's ROCK! My desktop is a VAIO. I wanted a laptop VAIO, but they were out of my price range. *bows to you*

And just think, you don't have a two-year-old niece to pull keys off. Wow. You are *so* lucky!
Ha! I actually thought of you when I first opened it up and saw ALL the nice, pretty keys. ;-)
Mazel tov! What are the dimensions of your screen? (Which sounds like a euphemism for something rude, but isn't).

They don't give you backup Windows discs anymore either, so one of the first things you should do is back up your OS. Mine had a backup program that was very easy to run through, though burning the 7 CDs took like three hours.
Oh, you would be the voice of reason. :p Yeah, I noticed there were no back up discs anymore. I don't recall ever using them accept to reinstall the CD player, but I don't want to be without and have something major happen. I'm not sure I have the energy to go to Best Buy tonight to load up on CDs/DVDs (not to mention, I have to figure out what kind I need), so hopefully nothing will happen when I'm playing on it tonight.
I'm really, really excellent at giving out advice I don't take myself. It took me several months to get around to it. I doubt a couple of days are going to kill you. But if something does happen, that's your only OS backup and you're hosed without it, and that was enough to get even me off my butt and motivated to do it eventually.

My backup program would only write to CD-R and DVD-R discs; it' wouldn't work on the rewritable ones.
Hee. I was contemplating going to BB tomorrow morning, so no worries about it taking me months. While I'm backing up the new computer, I can continue to 'clean out' the old one.
Congrats, and enjoy! I'll bet the flat screen is lovely too, it seems the colors are just so much sharper on the flat screen.

I've just spent a lovely (sarcasm) evening getting our new SBC DSL line working - some of the techs were really helpful, one was extremely unhelpful, but I've got it working pretty well now. Now all I have to do is figure out how to move all our aol stuff - and it so happens they have software to help, yay!