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Computer Update

Which I'm typing from the old computer. No, there's nothing wrong with the new one accept that I downloaded Trillian and it wouldn't work. So, I figured I'd log on here and compare settings. I think I screwed up entering my user name on Yahoo. I'm not sure what's up with the other two. And I seem to have to re-enter all my IM contacts because I can find no way that they can be transfered.

On the brightside, I did manage to transfer all my bookmarks successfully (thanks Ali :). And it only took me an hour and a half to adjust the screen brightness! (I could have found it sooner but I kept getting distracted by other things like adjusting the mousepad which I'm not quite use to yet.) Putting aside that turning down the brightness on the display saves the battery, why does the manufacturer have it set to blinding?

I also began scrolling through the 216 page manual. I made it as far as page 42 to see what kind of recording media I could buy. Apparently, just about anything. I've always been confused by one thing - the +/- stuff. Can anyone explain the importance of this?

And danceswithwords has already pointed out that I need to back up my OS. I never really had need for the backup discs on my old computer, but I don't want to take any chances.

One more thing, I hate to admit it, but I didn't have virus protection on my old computer. In my defense, my online access is through my firm and they pretty much stop anything before it gets to me. :( So, how long do virus protection updates generally take to run? After 40 minutes of the Norton window interfering with what I was trying to do I canceled the update only to have it tell me it couldn't do what it was trying to do. Maybe I need to be more patient or maybe I need to see if it's set up correctly.

If you didn't believe me before, you can now see how littel I know about computers. ;)
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I'm sort of boggling that you're reading the manual before you have a question or problem. That's unusual. And I say that as someone who writes manuals.

The +/- stuff just refers to different encoding standards. From what I've seen, - is much more universal, but it's nice to have the ability to read +.

Antivirus updates tend to be big and slow. If you are actually dialing into a server behind your firm's firewall, you should be fine. If you are using your firm's dialup account but are dialing into an unprotected server, you may need your own antivirus protection.

The OS backup replaces the old Windows discs we all used to get with our new computer. I think it's Microsoft's way of combating piracy. It is, like most Microsoft innovations, intensely annoying.
Sounds like things are moving along nicely.

Looks like someone addressed your -/+ question, I just make sure I know what my device can do and pick the same type (i.e. for me CD-R & DVD-R) and of course there is the added "Burns Twice" features of R/W discs.

My suggestion for getting updates to antivirus, new program downloads, or even the OS is to find a coffee house with free wireless (if your laptop has it). Speeds up the downloads that you need, and when you first get a PC the initial downloads tend to be the large files. Once your updated and protected, you can go back to dial-up.
ohhh, yay on the new computer! and i think the coffee house is a lovely suggestion! 'cause while you're waiting for everything to DownLoad you can drink coffee! doh! :p

and people watch. AND/OR you could invite somebody to meet you there while you DL what you need. insta-entertainment!