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BSG Season 2 Preview on NBC

Yes, I watched the 'Galactica' airing on NBC tonight. And I may have thrown a tape in the VCR as soon as they announced the preview was coming up. And I may have just watched it five times. And it's possible I played clips on frame advance so I knew exactly who it was doing what. And my love of Apollo still grows.

Damn, could this be worse than my Buffy obsession???
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Am watching right now and am so excited I can hardly sit still. Though I'm not TiVoing, so I can't record the preview... hopefully someone will post it online.

So. Excited. For Friday. OMG.
I re-watched Hand of God, and then did a detail watch of the final ep. I had already been spoiled, but was very pleased to see it unfold the way it did as I wasn't seeing the events I heard about unfolding with the eps I had seen.
It was neat to see the preview as well, although I haven't memorized it frame by frame.. :-p
"Worse?" I do not understand the use of this word. How could BtVS or BSG obsessions be considered bad things?

I'm a bit different. I have become almost rabidly spoiler free, and I try not to pay attention to promos!
I did not watch the promo for the same reasons as MissMurchison. But I am eagerly awaiting Friday. I love this show.

And there is also SG1 and SG-Atlantis. Yay!
Asta, my good pal, I'm very happy you. May you enjoy your blossoming Gallactica obsession as much as your Buffy obsession. I didn't watch much last season, but caught a marathon of the last few eps. I'm looking forward to the new season starting. An exciting show coupled with thoughtful Asta posts could be more than enough to hook me, too.
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