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Long Overdue BSG Post

I had this plan months ago to do an overview of season 1 of Battlestar Galactica. Other than my normal procrastination stalling me, I kept finding myself viewing the show from the perspective of one character, you guessed it, Apollo. So, taking a cue from k_julia, I thought about the things they have made me come to love the character and how they pertain to the series as a whole. No spoilers beyond ‘Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Part 2’, cut only for length (you know how I can go on ;).

I have a work in progress theory as to why Laura sent Kara on a wild goose chase for the Arrow of Apollo because the real key to the prophecy (if we are to believe in such things) is the Apollo already in their midst. In some quick research I did, I read several descriptions of Apollo as he existed in Greek mythology. A god of light, youth, beauty, clarity, truth, and prophecy representing the "principle of rational consciousness". But, he also a darker streak and can bring about death as easily as light and insight. Sound like anyone we know?

Unlike the creators of the original ‘Galactica’, I think Ron Moore and company are making a conscious effort that Lee Adama closely resemble his alter ego/call sign. There is some grand plan for the character and we are just starting to see hints of that plan. After all, Ron, in the commentary for KLG Pt2, states that the coup was conceived while writing the mini as was the crossroads Lee was to face - will he subvert democracy and participate in the coup or take a stand? (On a side note, I appreciate Ron’s "subvert democracy". It’s clear by his words that Adama and Tigh’s actions are the wrong ones and Lee is making the correct choice.)

I’m going to digress for a moment and point out a comment Jamie made at a recent Con appearance in regards to Lee. My impression from the mini on is that Lee is in a place and position that he does not want to be in. That he felt that way long before the Cylon attack. At heart, I don’t believe he’s a military man, hence his relative ease with accepting Kara as the better soldier. Apparently, Jamie was given a bio for Lee prior to filming which he found useless in some respects (I don’t know if he was kidding, but he made the comment that the bio stated "Lee is never so happy as when he’s in his kitchen cooking" - well, at least it explains why he was so at ease cleaning up the dishes in TMU,TMD ;), but Lee isn’t into the military role and was going to quit after his father retired the Galactica. Just as Kara states to Adama in 'Hand of God', "I never wanted this kind of responsibility", neither did Lee.

One of the things I adore about this show, besides Lee ;), is the wonderful way everything ties together. Watching episodes, some for the fifth or sixth time, not only makes me aware of the thought that goes into writing the series, but the intricacies created allow me to continually come up with new theories (next post - why Baltar may be a Cylon).

After watching the finale back in March and then revisiting the mini, I was shocked to hear Laura ask of Adama, "You planning to stage a military coup?". Then swearing to keep his secret about earth, agreeing that Adama would remain in charge of the fleet, and that all military decisions would stay with him. I can see why Adama made the (horribly wrong) decision he made to remove Laura from the presidency. Adama may come off as emotionally detached on the surface, but his feelings run deep. He put the welfare of the fleet at risk to try and bring Kara home in AoC. And I didn’t doubt him for a minute when he told Lee, had it been him on that planet, he never would have stopped looking for him. While on the personal front I can applaud him for trying to reach out to Kara and trying to make amends with Lee, it terrifies me on some level that a man guided so strongly by personal feelings is in charge of the fleet. Laura’s betrayal of personal promises to him caused him to act irrationally, creating a situation that will only make their already hellish existence worse. And how would he have dealt with Lee and Kara’s betrayal had he not been gunned down?

Back to the reason I’m here, Lee. My attention was first drawn to Lee when he informed, uh, what's his naem, “Ladies in charge.” He took Laura’s orders without question. This was a man who wasn’t going to take over simply because a) he’s the man or b) because he was the sole military presence on board. He also wasn’t just showing respect for Laura’s intelligence and quick thinking, he was showing respect for the government he was sworn to protect. Surrounded by death, destruction, and chaos, Lee had not just the presence of mind to do the right thing, it was instinctual with him. It's those same instincts that later lead him to ask Laura how far down in line she is to the presidency and empathize with her situation. He, alone, can see the burden she is about to accept, and like them all, is unprepared for.

Now, as many of you know, I fell a little bit in love with Lee in ‘Bastille Day’. Yes, he was sleeveless and covered with sexy wounds, but it was the moment he had Zarek at his mercy and informed him that he’d get exactly what he wanted because it was the right thing. He knew that they had all sworn an oath to obey the articles, however, by his reasoning, his *only* choice was to do what they should be doing - upholding the democracy. And here comes an early example of the chasm that lies between Lee and Adama. Earlier in BD, father tells son that "Every man has to decide for himself what side he is on". Adama’s parting words to Lee are, "I guess you finally picked your side." Lee did exactly what his father wished for him to do, but because it wasn’t what he desired or expected, Lee is perceived to be a disappoint again. When I think of Lee’s inferiority issues when it comes to Kara and his seeking approval from the one person who gives it to him, Laura, it would seem Lee has spent much of his life feeling not good enough.

KLG Pt 2 contains the Lee moment of the first season (for me, at least) as well as setting up the second - "We cannot sacrifice democracy just because the president makes a bad decision." Not only is it a powerful statement as to just how strong his ideals are, not only does he take a step forward in showing his father the kind of man he is - "You can tell my father, I’m following my instincts" - but it reinforces again how little Adama knows his son because Lee never should have been there.

There’s an interesting scene that was deleted from either KLG pt 1 or KLG Pt 2 that I wish had been left in. Lee calls into question Laura’s belief in the prophecy’s, seeing them as not being rational. Even if her faith in them holds water, he is sworn to obey the orders of the fleet commander and has "a duty not to dishonor the oath I took...with an act of disloyalty". Yet, Lee has shown time and time again that given the choice of blindly following orders or upholding the ideals that they have sworn to protect, he’ll choose the latter. Adama doesn't seem to have faith in his son to do the right, rather, he hopes that Lee will follow what Adama perceives to be the right thing.

I have to wonder at what age Adama and Lee’s mother split up. Adama tells him "You don’t lose control". Taking on a dozen inmates or more alone in BD, starting a bar fight in CD, punching your best friend in KLB - Lee knows how to lose control all too well. Granted, Adama wasn’t present at any of those events, but it’s an indicator at just how ignorant he is to his son’s nature to not know what he is or isn't capable of. And the final shot of Lee in KLG Pt2 is such a powerful, yet sad moment for both men. They had been working towards mending (somewhat successfully) their broken relationship, but Lee stands there in handcuffs reminding Adama of another miscalculation.

With the gift of hindsight, I think there was a very telling scene in ‘Act of Contrition’ as to how the season would play out. Walking down the halls to the flight deck, Kara recounts a story about Adama’s 100th landing to Lee. The roles should be reversed, but we are made to see how in just a few short years Kara has grown closer to ‘the old man’ then Lee ever has been. We also see the closeness between them all in that moment, until the explosion, and it all goes to Hell.

One more thing I have to say about Lee, I love his defiance. From standing up to his father/commander and (OK, I’ll be good and say, friend)/president in ‘Bastille Day’, to the fighting himself out of situationse in BD and ‘Colonial Day’, to his resolve face as Adama passes him in judgment, literally, in KLB Pt 2. He may be beaten, but not broken. However, seemingly stripped of everything that means anything to him, I was worried about him feeling defeated in this upcoming season. Then a saw a hint of that defiance I love and realized that while there will still be a lot of pain, there will always be hope..

It’s funny, I thought I was being really good about limiting how much I knew about the upcoming (Five Days!) season. But, as I was watching the preview on NBC last night, I realized I knew how all the clips played into upcoming plotlines. And it turned out to be safe for me to read most of the TV Guide article. Yet, I don’t feel as if I’ve ruined my enjoyment of the upcoming season at all. Maybe because my interest lies on how they characters will react and I can’t get any of that from what I’ve seen on paper.

Computer update related to this post. This new Microsoft Works kicks ass! I can't believe how much faster and easier it was to write and edit this. And it doesn't frack up the coding when I copy and paste. :)
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