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Inside Sci-Fi Friday AKA The Bamber Love Grows

I hate how cheesy and superficial Sci-Fi insists on making these behind the scenes shows. Luckily, looking at the pretty makes up for it. :)

The Ben/Claudia chemistry cannot be denied! They are just so darn cute together.

OK, am I the only one that didn't recall Ben and Trisha did that crappy 'Charlie's Angels' TV movie together?

Apparently, they make an effort to dowdy up Mary McDonnell on 'Galactica'. I swear the woman was glowing. Maybe she just shot a scene with Jamie. ;)

Speaking of, God bless that slightly too short tee. And the accent. Sigh. But, what really got me excited was when he started talking about Apollo. I just love it when actors 'get' their characters. The man's put a lot of thought into his role and it definitely shows in his performance.

Jamie: At the end of the first season Lee's no longer in uniform. He's been stripped of his wings, he's no longer a pilot, he's no longer an officer because of the decision he made and that gives a certain sense of clarity to him because he's himself again. He's not trying to play and fulfill other people's expectations and fulfill and play a role that he perhaps didn't want to play. But, there are certain things that are required of every able bodied male and female and that is to combat these cylons and he will still have to do that, in his mind, whatever position he's in whether he's in the brig or not.

Excuse me while I squee. Isn't this what so many of us have been talking about? That Lee was never really comfortable with the position he found himself in last season. He tried to do as best he could with what was expected of him, but it was never really him. This season we are going to get to see the man Lee truly is. I'm not worried. Because even though he may feel abandoned and betrayed for sticking to his beliefs, he's still going to go on doing what he feels is right. He'll fight the cylons not because it's part of his job, it's his duty.

I mentioned this in a comment on my previous post that Lee is reminding me a lot of Buffy in 'Becoming, Pt 2'. When stripped of everything else, she still had herself. And we'll see Lee, too, fall back on his inner strength and resolve.

Oh, and may I just add that it actually appears that Lee and Laura have ajoining cells. Just sayin'. ;-)
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