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EMMY Nominations...and I'm not pissed off!

Because I'm so happy with who did get nominated I won't bitch about how Will and Grace, The West Wing, and a couple others are way past their prime. Sadly and expectedly, VM and Galactica were overlooked. However, HUGH LAURIE IS NOMINATED! AND SCRUBS! (And writteninstars concubine Zach :) AND ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! And I can't even disagree with who they selected from DH and Lost. So, not a perfect selection, but Im not banging my head against the desk either. :)
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Well, I'm pissed enough for both of us. ;)I'm very happy about Hugh Laurie, Ian McShane and Zach Braff! But a lot of the rest. The "usual suspects".
Probably the only person on your FL that is Gilmore Girl fan (aside form WIS maybe)but I am pretty p.o.'d the series, Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop got shut out. No "Rescue Me" or Dennis Leary. No "The Shield" or Michael Chiklis. Well, I guess Patricia Arquette is the "edgy" choice for the year. Not knocking her and it's great she's nominated, but there are a lot of old war horses that should not be there. Oh, well. Don't know why I'm pissed. I've come to expect less from the Emmy's and darned if they don't always deliver.
I absolutely agree that Lauren should have been nominated. It is sad that this amazing actress who can bring the funny and the heartbreak like no one else is consistently overlooked. Of course, as I read somewhere else, it's all about the WB. Emmy voters are just blind when it comes to that network. Grrr.

That said, I was quite beyond pleasantly surprised to see CCH Pounder get a nod for The Shield. That, Zach and Hugh *almost* makes up for the Lauren/GG snubbage. *Almost*.

::is still bitter::
I'm so with you WIS. Lauren Graham can make you laugh and break your heart in the same scene. I read an article on bad Emy voting yesterday that got picked up by AP and said if GG and Lauren got snubbed, they seriously need to look into a Emmy's For Dummies guide for these voters. They're just ignorant when it comes to refusing to recognize quality just because it airs on The WB or UPN. So sorry Veronica Mars got snubbed.

Very good news on CCH Pounder. The woman is an amazing actress. So deserves it.
I am right there with you over being disappointed about Lauren Graham not getting a nomination. I haven't actually seen S5 of GG yet, but I just recently watched S1-4 and just loved her. I was really hoping this was her year. I guess it will never be her year unless GG moves to ABC or HBO. </ bitter>
I'd forgotten about Dennis until you and TV Guide brought him up. As much as I love him and he does deserve some recognition for that show, there is a certain amount of sameness to all his performances. I'm actually more disappointed that 'House' was left off the list of best dramas in lieu of 'The West Wing'.
Very true about the "sameness" to Dennis performances. But then his others weren't recognized so who knows if the Emmy voters every paid attention to those. LOL ITA about "House". "West Wing"....ugh.
LOL Lynn and I were rooting ZB & Scrubs got nominated for ya hon! Guess now I can root for a "win" for the show. ;) ZB, goes without saying.
Apparently my LJ has been taken over by Gilmore Girl Groupies. I'd love to contribute to the conversation, however, I would probably need to watch the show. :p

BTW, I watched another! VM last night. I didn't think much about the ep ('Lord of the Bling'???) until the end when Logan surprised Veronica by showing up at her front door. Now I'm thinking it is Logan who is at her door in the finale. She no longer is surprised to see him, she expects to see him. Just a theory...
Hee. Well, it's one way to get people here. ;) (I may have made a few extra stops here myself today.)

We get to see the real thing in less than 23 hours!
It was! Though it didn't provide enough Lee-gasms. ;) I just finished writing up my post. Now I can read others thought. :)