Asta 2


It's official. I'm going. I *just* bought my ticket online. sdwolfpup, fer1213, and Fer's sis have agreed to let me shack up with them. Now, I'm just waiting to see if I can get a lower airfare.

I'm more excited about meeting the girls (this includes you molly_may) than the Con itself. Unless of course Mr Bamber is scheduled to appear at the last minute. In that case, it's been nice knowing you all. :)

Oh, and case it's slipped your mind....22 & A HALF HOURS!!!
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YAY!!! Fer told me last week that you were thinking about coming, and I'm so excited that you decided to do it! We're going to have fun.;)
You're going to have so much fun! On the one hand, I wish I could go, but on the other, I'm just thrilled for all of you.
And may I add a Woo Hoo! Definitely want to meet up with you. I'll be easy to spot. I'll be the one going on...and on...and on about Apollo. :)
OMG you are taking my place this year. Same people, same roomies...but YOU instead of ME. I feel like I'm passing the torch to you. ::passes it::

::feels sad::
So, not only do you get shiny new BSG a full three hours before I do, but now you get to go to Dragon*Con and hang with Fer (and SDW, but I can accept sharing her for a weekend ;) ).

*hates you*
22 & A HALF HOURS!!!

+ 24 48 72 (for Stargate you understand)

Nice header by the way. I have found out courtesy of wikipedia that despite season 2 of BSG starting on UK Sci Fi this autumn, it is not on terrestrial and has no date to do so. Wahhhh! I think I'm going to have to join a dvd by post rental scheme. Then I can catch up...
Yay for you! The company itself will ensure you have a great time :)