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Casting News for Scrubs and Veronica Mars


STUNT CASTING ALERT!: Hey, Scrubs: You just landed your first-ever Emmy nomination for best comedy series — whaddaya gonna do now? "I think we got Mandy Moore on the show," series creator Bill Lawrence tells me. "Zach [Braff] is friends with her, so he got her to come on the show for fun." (Actually, I think they're more than just friends, but let's not quibble.) To read more about the Moore deal, as well as the latest on when the heck NBC is gonna air the new season of Scrubs, read today's Insider.

OUTTA THIS WORLD: Another Buffyverse alum has landed on Veronica Mars. Angel's Charisma Carpenter is joining the Emmy-worthy drama this fall as a sexy trophy wife and stepmother to brothers Dick and Beaver Casablancas — a role you first read about in Ask Ausiello. She'll appear in at least six episodes. Meanwhile, Steve Guttenberg has also been added to the Mars cast as a Major League Baseball team owner and leading candidate in the local mayoral race. Speaking of Mars, has started taking pre-orders for Veronica Mars: Complete First Season, which will "street" Oct. 11.

Now I'm just waiting for Amber to show up as Veronica's cousin. :p

11 hours and 25 minutes! Yes, I will be Ms Spammy today. :p

BTW, it appears Sci-Fi already has the podcast up for tonights ep. Nooooo, I'm not listening to it. I will probably download tonight to watch with the repeat showing.
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Okay, so I clicked. What do you want from me? I'm not made of *steel*!!!

Actually, I never care about casting spoilers. :p

So, you know I love Mandy Mooore. I'm totally cool with her being on the show. And yes, I definitely think she and Zach are more than friends. I mean, can you blame her? ;-)

I read somewhere yesterday (when I first heard about the Charisma dealie) that Rob Thomas has said that's it for Buffy alum. And frankly, I was relieved that Charisma was cast. I was terrified (after the Tara Reid rumor) that they would cast someone I loathe. I mean, dude, didn't I suffer enough when Tara Reid was making out with Zach on Scrubs?!?
I almost just e-mailed you on this since I know you don't care about casting news. :)

I'm thinking CC might be a very good choice for 'Veronica Mars'. I just hope it spares me from having to see Aly. :p