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I'm watching 'Stargate' and typing on the computer at the same time Woo Hoo!

My totally non-spoilery comment, it's good to have Ben back. :) And, OK, he's reminding me of John at certain moments, but I don't care.

So, they addressed the Ben/Claudia connection pretty well. “I know we haven’t met. That I’m sure I would have remembered." Then there was the knowing wink. ;)

Now, I expected Ben and Claudia to still have the same old chemistry. There interactions are so effortless it makes me wonder how much is scripted and how much is just them being them. Sure, Varla is a, um, friendly girl, but Cameron walking off arm and arm with her would have seemed too accepting under normal, they have no history, circumstances.

Looking at this from a fairly blank slate (I think I watched my fifth SG-1 ep earlier this evening), the meshing of the old and new seems to be going smoothly. I had my questions regarding Beau Bridges, but, thus far, I like him. And all the actors seem to be having fun. Which, yeah, I'll admit it, allowed me to find myself enjoying the ep.

As for the storyline, color me confused. I don't even know how people who have watched this for eight years can understand everything Daniel was spouting. Talk about a complex mythology. It makes The X-Files look like a snap to follow.

I see they also addresses the Ben/Michael physical similarities with Varla's "interesting but rather limited gene pool".

And I'm trying to determine if it's coincidence or a nod to 'Farscape', but Cameron crashing into the ice nearly dying reminded me of...Aeryn crashing into the ice and dying.

I know there were folks that were going to be upset if Ben got top billing. He did. Even as a fan of his, watching just for he and Claudia, I question the fairness of it too.

As you can see, my analysis of this show is going to be superficial. Besides, I have to save my brainpower for the emotional wringer that I am sure is to come.
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