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'Scattered' Podcast

I know many people have already listened to it and there are some for varying reasons that don't like to listen to commentary, but I find commentaries to be interesting and sometimes revealing. It's funny, listening to Ron Moore I alternately found myself patting myself on the back because I was right or thinking how wrong he is because I didn't see it that way at all. ;) The really interesting bit is that about five minutes into the commentary he announces that he'll be talking about upcoming eps so if you don't like spoilers, you better stop listening. OK, if the writer of the show is fine with dishing the dirt, I'm not feeling bad about knowing what I know. What I'm about to post won't contain anything beyond what aired Friday though. And for those that could care less about this stuff, I need to share one interesting bit of information in regards to the medic. Something about her seemed familiar as I was watching. Turns out, she's Jamie's wife. :)

Some of my quibbles regarding the episode were addressed. For instance, why no one bothered to investigate the Cylon ship (official name - Heavy Raider) that crashed into Galactica. Turns out that was the museum portion of the ship which no one has been to since the attacks. It's completely deserted.....which, now that I think about it, it would be to the Cylons advantage to come aboard on an unoccupied part of the ship. Given that the ship, as Ron pointed out, is currently understaffed and preoccupied with other matters, it would give them a great head start. How did they know to land/crash there? It would have to be inside information. Was it Six? Boomer? Gaeta??? Um, I digress....So, Ron even admits that the logic is shaky for no one checking the crash out immediately, but he thought their reasoning was sufficient.

The flashbacks were to be considerably longer, jumping to various points in the development of the relationship between Adama and Tigh, and shown from an objective rather than subjective POV. When they started cutting the ep, they relized the footage wasn't working as intended and the most successful way to incporporate it was by having events in the present trigger Tigh's memories. He talked a bit about what we didn't see, but I'm wondering if it might turn up in a later ep, so I'll skip that for now.

I'm a bit confused as if the number 3 on the door is important. At one point, Ron intimates it is, but later says that it was basically just a device to tie the flashback clips together. Why not just use a plain door? Why focus on the number? I'm still going with it's significant keeping in mind that in '33' it was never explained why the Cylons attacked every 33 minutes.

It was Cylons shooting at the crew on Kobol. Rats. There goes one theory...

Having only half-watched two 'Hornblower' films when they originally aired, the parole nod to the movies escaped me. I really need to see if Blockbuster has those in.

Ron brought up what we all caught that some are looking to Laura as a prophet. He stated that it's a role she's reluctant to embrace. That was somewhat in line with my interpretation. I didn't see her being apalled by the notion or backing away from it. However, I'm wondering if she's seeing it as more a means to an end rather than truly seeing herself in that role.

The thing I didn't quite get was him saying that Lee is feeling bitterness towards Laura for not backing him up on Colonial One. I'm probably being too logical where obviously Lee is dealing with a lot of emotion at the moment. I get his feelings that he did it all for nothing and how he could perceive that she backed down from supporting a set of ideals that he felt they shared. Yet, I'm not sure she had a choice. They were seconds away from a bloodblath and a fight they wouldn't win. I think she did the right thing in that moment even if I have issues with what she did to get them all to that point. And she and Lee need to live because Tigh, even if it's just in the short term, as leader scares the hell out of me. As Ron said, he's not very political and not the guy you want in charge after the guns stop firing.

My friends know me so well. When I checked my e-mail this morning I had two links to the BSG article in the Ny Times. :)
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