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So, for lack of anything else to watch while I'm waiting for Quicktime to download, I have an ep of 'Stargate' circa 2002 on. And it's Tyrol! Er, Aaron Douglas. Wow, has his acting improved. I also caught a commercial for BSG - different from the promo that aired Friday. Looks to be a lot of Lee and just the way I like him. ;-) Is it Friday yet?
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As much as I enjoyed this last episode of Stargate (thanks to Ben and Claudia), I just don't see myself watching the back episodes. But these could be famous last words since I remember what happened the last time I said I wasn't into a show. :-)
In the word(s) of Mari: 'Splainy? ;-)

Is Crichton the added meathead? I thought you liked his head. Maybe I'm projecting my own like to you. At any rate, your allowed to have tempermental drama queen-y phases. On the plus side, Claudia is having a heck of a good time and that makes me happy.

Remind me! I have to find out about October this week! ::writes note backwards on forehead and vows to look in every mirror ever::
I don't think I have either the interest or the strength to catch up on eight seasons of a show. I really just put it on as background noise. And maybe with the hope of seeing some Galactica commercials. ;)
Heh! And Gaeta was in one of the last episodes of last season. Must be a Vancouver-actor-pool thing.
In one of the making of's they discussed that after casting the main roles, they went to the local talent pool to round out the cast. It's nice to see some people who have gone from guest starring role to guest starring role get some regular work.
Helo?! Traitor! It's all about the Bamber baby! ;-)

Wel, it's taking too long to load the pages to link, but try galactica_icons and good_galacticon. They usually have some nice icons that cover all the characters.