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Fourth Viewing of 'Scattered'

I don't think anyone needs to tell me it's not healthy to be obsessing over promos. And I probably should, gee, wait until the episode airs to see if I'm right, but when has that stopped me?

In an earlier promo, for the scene in which Tigh tells Lee he doesn't deserve to be in that uniform and Lee repsonds with "neither do you" we saw a close up Lee with a slightly cocky expression on his face. I *loved* that clip. It showed me that he's still defiant after all he's been through. Now, in the latest promo, we are hearing the same dialogue, but it's a distance shot with both men standing at the foot of Adama's bed. This time, when Lee gives his response he isn't looking at Tigh and has a rather more grim expression on his face. It changes the feel of the scene, for me, as well as the state of mind Lee must be in. Which take will we be seeing? Since I prefer the former, it probably means we'll be getting the latter. :/

Well, I'm off to bed after having an extended conversation on my last entry. Was Ii the only one on IM??? :p And if my shipper war with danceswithwords wasn't bad enough, writteninstars are now in the midst of a Helo/Apollo battle. ;)

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