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Since It's Been Three Whole Days Since I Mentioned 'Galactica'...

I think I need to rectify that. ;) Nothing deep, I'm trying to save my analytical skills for tomorrow night (TOMORROW NIGHT!). Yes, I do know I need to get a life. Moving on...

Why did I not know that Jamie Bamber's last name was not, in fact, Bamber? What kind of bad fan girl am I?

Speaking of Mr Bamber, sdwolfpup has a new vid up featuring Horatio and Archie. My computer at work has issues with Quicktime, but I did manage to get the video sans sound to play. Yeah, I definitely need to rent those films. According to imbd he only appeared in five, correct?

While I know that being on board the Lee/Laura ship is to the Lee/Kara ship the equivalent of being in a dingy alongside the Titanic (though, we know what happened to that ship ;p), I feel compelled to rec fellow shipper k_julia's WIP, Things We've Done. It's very well written and a very believable AU of season two. Thus far, there really aren't any shippy overtones unless you are looking for them (yes, I looked). And I think she's done a great job with the Lee/Adama dynamic. I'd suggest finding all parts HERE at her LJ. My one criticism is that her numbering system for the parts is screwy. ;)

Spoilerphobes beware. There is a big honking one up at Sci-Fi's main 'Galactica' page. I might be cursing right now if not for the fact I already knew about it.

OK, and the day has finally come where I have to do one of *those* posts. As you can see, my LJ has become BSG-centric as of late. I have a tendancy, once I become obsessed with a show, to focus most of my attention on it. The liklihood will be with the first half of BSG's season winding down and 'House' starting up my focus will shift to that. (If any other terrific show debuts this season, God help me.) And while I still have Buffy dailies to watch and a long planned 'Angel' rewatch to do I fear that people who friended me just for that fandom are getting rather 'bored now'. So, please feel free to take me off your Flist if you want. I'm not going to be upset by it - it's the nature of fandom that tastes change.

As for a fandom I'm not in and don't plan to but have spent two days discussing the show with writteninstars, 'Veronica Mars' will be getting four airings on CBS this summer. Check out the TV Guide site for more details.
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