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Only Ten More Hours!

I'm thinking there may not be a Podcast this week. Last week's was up first thing in the morning and it's now Noon and no sign of one. Ron Moore did say that he would do tham as time permited, so maybe he was too busy this time around. I'll keep checking though. I've decided to continue doing spoiler free recaps for those that want to know about the production without knowing what lies ahead.

If you are as impatient as I, the TV Guide website has a preview of tonights ep. It's a one minute clip featuring Lee. If you saw the promo and you know what the story will be focusing on tonight, I don't think there is anything particularly spoilery. It can be found here - scroll down to the bottom of the page.

In non BSG news, Bruce Campbell is doing a book signing/film presentation here tomorrow. It should be fun. I only wish we had more details about the schedule. At this point, we're showing up before 6 and hoping for the best.
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