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BSG Ep 2: Valley of Darkness

I use to think ‘Farscape’ had the best continuity I had ever seen. I think ‘Galactica’ may surpass that. 47,874 survivors. The number is changing. Great attention to detail. I‘m curious to see the number next week and do the math because the death toll would appear to be quite staggering.

There were so many amazing moments in this episode. Every single character had a moment, even if it was a dubious one. I’m almost hoping that Gaeta is a big ol’ red herring because letting that virus get through would seem to scream Cylon. Then again, please explain to me how Jammer not only survived the massacre, he didn’t have a scratch on him. I know given the situation there wasn’t time for examination, but I would have at least liked a hint that Lee noticed the oddity of this as well.

One of the things that I took notice of were the exchanges between Lee and the other pilots. First, as they exited their respective Vipers congratulating him, "Hey captain, nice work out there". And a short time later, as we see Lee laughing and joking with his "nuggets", everyone still refering to him as Captain. I would assume they aren’t aware of all the details, but they must have heard that he was arrested and released from the brig only for duty. Yet, this ‘traitor’ is being treated with the up most respect. Once the Cylon presence is known and their lives are in danger, it would be natural to bow to the authority of a more seasoned officer. But, it’s before that, when no one fires back at his admonition - "I don’t know why you are kissing and hugging. We screwed up. We let one through." - that you see everyone is treating Lee just as they did before the mutiny. Which makes me wonder who some aboard Galactica would choose to follow. Could it be the guy putting his ass on the line for theirs or a not-sure-how-he-is-going-to-deal-with-all-this XO? And if Lee continues to support the office of the president and the current president is starting to be seen as chosen by the gods to lead them, well, I see some massive division in the ranks.

Seeing Laura’s (in my opinion) visible discomfort to her guards “the gods must be watching over you” was a bit of a relief. I’m still not convinced she won’t use people’s blind faith in her being ’chosen’ to her strategic advantage, but I’m relieved to see she‘s not buying into it herself. She got lucky the bullets missed her; she’s not cloaked in some invisible shield.

I also enjoyed seeing the character I came to respect and admire in the miniseries. Say what you will about Laura, but when things are at there worst, she is at her best. Organizing. Getting them on the right path. Taking charge even as a prisoner. Both she and Lee are still being recognized as leaders regardless of their actions. When others gave into fear and confusion, she kept her head and guided them, once again, to safety. Interestingly, when no one else could, she knew how to reach Dee.

OK, I will now take a moment (hey, you knew it was coming) to, well, Eeeeeeee!!! (as I did on IM). The scene in which Lee comes to the rescue was the one posted at the TV Guide site. It had cut off shortly after “What can we do to help?” (Um, I’m thinking nothing civilians) and Lee’s response of “Stay alive. Don’t get shot.” (Great advice. Who wrote that?) So, when what came after unfolded, yeah, it did that shipper part of my brain good. Because, for a moment, it wasn’t about the fleet, or the Cylons, or that damn arrow, it was very personal , “What about you?” Then, soon after, obviously concerned, “Good luck captain. May the lords protect you.” and Lee, getting what they are both about to walk into, “You too” and that look right before it’s back to business. Even if you can’t see a romantic relationship between them (fair enough) you can’t deny the affection between the two and it did my heart good to know these two aren’t alone.

I love how the show is letting it’s hero’s insecurities come through. He’s a man doing his job, his duty, why should that make him any less scared? When Lee faces that first Cylon, gun spent, and believing he is about to die, he’s visibly fearful. He often lets his nerves and anxiety show and not just to us, the audience, but those who depend on him for strength and guidance. I’ve picked up on his habit of repeating commands to himself. In ‘Act of Contrition‘ it was “Keep it together“ as he approached his target. Here, it‘s “head shot, reload, head shot, reload, head shot.” Try to focus on the words, not the fear.

“You’re right about that part. I am not fit to wear the uniform. And maybe I never was. Then again neither are you.“

From the miniseries, I have had the sense that either the military life was something Lee never felt completely comfortable with or something he came to discover was not for him. There were hints all season long that he didn’t agree with much of what he was expected to support. All of which culminating in his actions in KLG Pt2. But, this is the first time I’ve heard Lee say the words. You could almost sense a burden being lifted when he allowed himself to say it. He shouldn’t be in that uniform. It’s not a fit for him. However, being the man he is he can’t step away from his responsibilities, not now. So, now he leaves his fate in his father’s hands - “He’ll decide what to do with the both of us.”

As for the ‘neither are you’, is Lee judging Tigh on just what he has witnessed himself or is he aware of his past and that his father got him where he is? He doesn’t have faith in Tigh’s leadership. People still have faith in Lee‘s. What kind of dilemma is this going to create as Adama lies in a coma?

The quiet, reflective, almost eerie calm that exists in the scenes between Helo and Kara on Caprica are in stark contrast to the chaos we are witnessing aboard Galactica. We have the literal darkness of the ship compared with bright light and open space of a deserted city. And for the first time in a long time, Kara is left with time to reflect.

Perhaps I should have been surprised to learn Kara is an artist, but I wasn’t. She’s a woman of contradictions. The tough chick who is quick to jump into the fray, yet has a deep sense of faith and will pray for the soul of her enemy. We’ve seen her unleash her demons in drink and insubordination and gun fire, why not with a brush and paint?

"Everyone I know is fighting to get back what they had. I’m fighting because I don’t know how to do anything else."

I’m not so sure she’s right about that first part. At the very least, she’s not alone. Lee doesn’t really have anything go back to. His military career, which apparently never meant much to him to begin with, that structure is gone. What’s left of his family may be dying. And there’s Tigh and Adama. Not that they wished for the destruction of their civilization, but we’ve seen what their lives are like without an enemy to battle. Both men were desperate to get away from that. They’re all adrift at the moment.

I could get into the self-esteem issues. The girl can’t even look at her own artwork and see she is capable of so much more.
At first, I felt Kara was too harsh on Helo for being an “idiot”, but I think she was projecting her own feelings of disappointment onto him. After all, she, too, was fooled by Sharon. Not to mention what of her sympathies towards Leoben? Increasingly, she’s coming to see that things are not as black and white as she would like to believe.

Adama drowning the baby? I think we all heard the anvil. Interesting though to see Baltar suddenly become protective of ‘his’ child. He really is whipped by Six. (side note - what is it with killing babies on this show? )

The death of Socinus hit me harder than I expected. I’m not sure it’s because we did get to know him or because of watching Tyrol’s reaction to seeing yet another one of his people die. This time having to make the tough call and taking upon himself the task of ending his suffering.

Other random observations:

Learning why the streets are free of rotting bodies - the Cylons are incinerating them. Good to know they like to clean up after themselves. :p

"Motherfracker!" I’m sure that will be in wide use by…now. How does this stuff fly by the censors?

Billy stuffing the gun, safety off, down the front of his pants. Billy, you’re suppose to be making babies. Protect the goods!

Lee blowing the Cylon away. Ok, it was utterly predictable that Lee saved the day (part of me wanted to see Kat save them), but what a spectacular shot.

Finally, I really liked the shot of Lee and Laura on either side of Adama. It’s understandable that Lee would be there, but it’s obvious that Laura, besides having concern for Lee, still has respect for the man who incarcerated her. Maybe she gets that it was an emotional, knee jerk reaction and, had this not happened to him, things might have been smoothed over. It also serves as a nice parallel to Lee and Laura’s current situation. They may not always agree, but they will continue to support each other.

Apparantly there is a podcast this week. Most likely I won't get to that until Sunday.
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