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Weekend Wrap Up

Yesterday was Bruce Campbell Day. Met my friends for an early dinner before spending an hour and a half in line, outside, in the rain for the last 15 minutes, to spend one minute talking to Bruce and getting his autograph. Ah, good times. (Side note to writteninstars, one of our party was on crutches, I was having Chicago Con flashbacks. ;)

Bruce seemed like a very nice guy. He asked me what I did for a living, I said accounting and he proceeded to tell me about accounting practices in the publishing industry vs Hollywood. I then asked the question I'm sure he's been asked a thousand times - any word on Brisco County DVDs? He knows nothing. As he said, he's just an actor, they don't tell them anything.

We ended up going back to the theatre later that evening for his Q&A and a showing of The Man With The Screaming Brain which will debut on Sci-Fi this fall. His Q&A was hilarious. He has this whole angry actor bit he plays into. He trashed every blockbuster film currently in release, including Batman Begins. He doesn't see the point in having five films on the same subject. And he threw in the argument that most people make, "But, it's the best one!". His response? "It took them five tries!".

Other bits I could remember include making fun of Tom Cruise, having people in the audiance call out the names of movies he was in that they want their money back for (someone shouted 'Sky High' to which he said "Come on, it's not even out yet!'), and when someone asked a stupid question he called them an "idiot", but stated it was "nothing personal".

There was much talk of supporting local theatres by supporting small, independant films as opposed to the derivitive crap Hollywood is putting out (my hypocricy alarm goes off here because, hello?, you're in some of those films. And, yes, he will be in 'Spiderman 3' but hasn't seen a script yet.) So, then we were treated to the movie. There's a reason I don't watch Sci-Fi's original movies. Other than a few minutes of 'this is so bad it's funny', including using dummies instead of stunt people, I was pretty bored. I can say it was better than 'Alien Apocalypse'. Which is kinda like saying 'Starship Troopers' is better than 'Battlefield Earth'. And though he tried hard to convince us how original the film was, it was strikingly similar to 'The Man with Two Brains'.

Today, I spent the entire day on the couch either surfing LJ, IMing, or sleeping. IMing with k_julia I came to discover another cool thing about my notebook. While trying to determine the layout of Colonial One (yes, really - don't ask :p) it dawned on me that 'Hey I can pull up scenes from the eps I have saved on my computer!'. Which led to a certain scene in 'Bastille Day' being watched several times which gave me ideas for a possible future post. Good times.
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