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The Writing on the Wall

My friend divahag, who has an LJ, but never uses it despite how insightful and brilliant she can be, has kindly given me permission to share some of her research on ‘Valley of Darkness’.

I’m not quite sure how she could decipher some of this. I only managed to make out the last half, but given that I seem to agree with what she came up with, I’m assuming the rest is correct or close to correct. Anyway, this is what she believes is written on the wall of Kara’s apartment:

Smoking my
With every breath
I breathe
All the day
I drink away the night
Stroking my hair to
The beat of his heart
Watching a
Boy turn
Into a

The part that interested me most was from “The beat of his heart…” on. That part you can clearly make out even on my crappy video copy. I immediately wondered Zak or Lee? It took me a minute to deduce Zak. There’s the obvious reason having to do with Lee being the older brother and, in my opinion, old beyond his years. I also keep returning to the mini and having come away with the impression that Lee and Kara had had limited contact in the two years since Zak’s death. Too painful to see each other perhaps. I also just like the idea that it’s Zak. It reinforces my belief that Kara was very much in love with him, but also was well aware that he still had some growing up to do. And she seemed willing, even longing, to go on that journey with him.

I wonder if Zak had been there, in Kara’s refuge. Did she share that part of herself with him? Karl didn’t know about that place or that part of her life. I’m hazarding to guess Lee isn’t aware of it either. Did she open herself up, get hurt, then bring the walls back up again? Or could this have been the place she created for herself after his death. A place she holed up in to sort out her demons and try to heal. The words on the wall, the music, the coat - all remembrances, things to keep her memories alive and those she loved close.

I’m just in awe of the detail that goes into this show. And just when you think you have something figured out, there’s more to consider.

BTW, my conversion record is unbroken. I’ve managed to suck no_detective into the fandom. At least I assume her calling me an “evil, EVIL woman!” meant she liked it. ;) Sadly, I screwed up one of the discs I sent her and she is lacking KLG. The Horror! But, I’m making a new disc, plus getting her started on season two. Would anyone else care to bow to my will next?
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It really is hard to catch the whole thing. I certainly didn't have the patience for it. And I just finished listening to the podcast. I really wish Ron would talk more about the characters and what's running through their heads as opposed to how the editing process went or how terrific a scene is because of the lighting. :p
excellent! so it's

...With every breath
I breathe
OUT the day....

that's much better.

all good thoughts re: kara and her refuge. i agree this is a surprising side to her. the toughest people have the most sensitive parts to protect. it almost seems like life on galactica has deprived her of some of her humanity--if this artful squalor is her "soft" side.

do you know how long before the mini started that she'd met zak and then how long ago he died? do we have a timeline?
I was watching TMU, TMD a little while ago and Adama informs Ellen that Zak passed away a couple years ago. I'm not sure how long Kara knew him before he died. I'm thinking at least a year, but I don't believe we have anything to base that on.
Oh, thank you for this! I'd managed to get the "watching a Boy..." part, too, but that was it. I agree that it certainly seems like it could be about Zak... then again, I thought the jacket should be Zak's, too. ;) Still, that's the story I'm sticking to until I hear otherwise. Ironically, though, I think it also applies to Lee as we see him now, in a lot of ways, growing up and figuring out who he is.

I would be very surprised if anyone knew about her place.

And lovely analysis, too. Thanks. :) And you go with the recruiting! My tally is at two, I think.
alas, my tally is only one--but that one is asta. does that mean i get to count hers too? ;)
I think I'm at about 14 with 'House' so I have some catching up to do in this fandom. ;)

I agree, the words could apply, in a way, to Lee too. I think he's been a man for quite some time, but he is still trying to find out who he is and what his place is in this new world they find themselves in. It's because of that that I questioned for a moment who she could be refering to. With her attraction to Lee, at some point, I'd like to find out if it has anything to do with qualities she feels he shares with Zak and it's those qualities she's attracted to, or if it's because he's Zak's opposite.
Off-topic, but my friend musing_mia just found out that a certain Mr. Jamie Bamber is apparently coming to Dragon*Con. When she told me that, of course I thought of you. ;)

He's still not listed on the official D*C site, but here's a link to TrekTrak. I'm assuming this is for real -- they seldom announce people who aren't confirmed. SQUEE!

Thank you! And I just got my confirmation postcard today! Maybe it's a sign. :)
Interesting! I have a lot of questions too, about whether the apartment was something she had all along or whether it was something she did after Zak's death. I somewhat lean toward the latter, though I do think that if she'd had it (or something like it) when he was alive, she would have shown him. I don't think Kara's the kind of person who would actually get to the point of agreeing to marry someone without letting them in. But I absolutely don't think Lee knows anything about it. And it sounds like Kara felt pretty close with Boomer, and judging by the fact that she wasn't expecting Cylons to find the place immediately, that means Boomer didn't know about it either.

And yay for converts!
And it sounds like Kara felt pretty close with Boomer, and judging by the fact that she wasn't expecting Cylons to find the place immediately, that means Boomer didn't know about it either.

Good point. She did feel very comfortable relaxing there for a bit. Not at the ready for cylons to come crashing through the door, so, yeah, I don't think she shared the location with Sharon either. I'm leaning more and more to it being a place she got following Zak's to death. With the exception of bonding with Adama over their mutual loss, it seems like she isolated herself from those in her life before. Guilt probably played a large role in it. Needing time to regroup and come to terms with what she did, though not really being able to until she shared that knowledge with others.
I believe sunspotted is playing the catch up game.

It suddenly occurred to me that I should download S2 while I could get it, in preparation for when I've finished S1. So I've made a start on the two that have broadcast recently! Hopefully I'll be able to watch the miniseries this weekend, as long as that's what I get sent next from the dvd club...

(My current obsession is Doctor Who. It's nice to have one again.)
Yeah, I know about Sunny. She was one of the folks I cajoled into catching up with the show. Though, she doesn't like two of my favorite characters. I really thought she had better tate. ;)

I really enjoyed 'Doctor Who'. It was of a far higher quality and much more entertaining than I ever expected it to be. And the Doctor/Rose/Jack relationship is a unique and interesting one. But, it hasn't anywhere near approached my 'Galactica' obsession. Between that and 'House', I'm doomed.
Thank you for this. I couldn't catch it at all. This is why LJ is good. I get to delve a little deeper into these shows.