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The Writing on the Wall

My friend divahag, who has an LJ, but never uses it despite how insightful and brilliant she can be, has kindly given me permission to share some of her research on ‘Valley of Darkness’.

I’m not quite sure how she could decipher some of this. I only managed to make out the last half, but given that I seem to agree with what she came up with, I’m assuming the rest is correct or close to correct. Anyway, this is what she believes is written on the wall of Kara’s apartment:

Smoking my
With every breath
I breathe
All the day
I drink away the night
Stroking my hair to
The beat of his heart
Watching a
Boy turn
Into a

The part that interested me most was from “The beat of his heart…” on. That part you can clearly make out even on my crappy video copy. I immediately wondered Zak or Lee? It took me a minute to deduce Zak. There’s the obvious reason having to do with Lee being the older brother and, in my opinion, old beyond his years. I also keep returning to the mini and having come away with the impression that Lee and Kara had had limited contact in the two years since Zak’s death. Too painful to see each other perhaps. I also just like the idea that it’s Zak. It reinforces my belief that Kara was very much in love with him, but also was well aware that he still had some growing up to do. And she seemed willing, even longing, to go on that journey with him.

I wonder if Zak had been there, in Kara’s refuge. Did she share that part of herself with him? Karl didn’t know about that place or that part of her life. I’m hazarding to guess Lee isn’t aware of it either. Did she open herself up, get hurt, then bring the walls back up again? Or could this have been the place she created for herself after his death. A place she holed up in to sort out her demons and try to heal. The words on the wall, the music, the coat - all remembrances, things to keep her memories alive and those she loved close.

I’m just in awe of the detail that goes into this show. And just when you think you have something figured out, there’s more to consider.

BTW, my conversion record is unbroken. I’ve managed to suck no_detective into the fandom. At least I assume her calling me an “evil, EVIL woman!” meant she liked it. ;) Sadly, I screwed up one of the discs I sent her and she is lacking KLG. The Horror! But, I’m making a new disc, plus getting her started on season two. Would anyone else care to bow to my will next?
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