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I was catching up on comments on my last post and the wonderful ::Smooches:: wisteria_ just clued me in......

Jamie Bamber is going to be at Dragon*Con!!!!

Friday! 4:00pm! How early do you have to camp out for good seats? (Er, James Callis is scheduled to be there too.)

OK, deep breaths.

I couldn't make it to the Galactica Con or Comic Con. And I've been seeing various cast members making the con circuit, so I held out hope that, maybe he'd show. Eeeeeee!!! Yeah, I know, he could cancel. And it's not on the Dragon*Con site, but the Trek Trak one. But, for the moment, I'm giddy! :)
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Aw, man. I will console myself with the hope that I'm missing out on another hideous shirt. But it's very exciting for you!

So jealous. Send him vibes of fangirly love for me, OK? I will be enjoying a lovely reception at my in-laws' house with a bunch of people I don't know. That will be way better than attending the Con with y'all (and Jamie Bamber). WOOOO.
For what it's worth, I'm 99% certain he and Callis will do some individual or paired-up Q&A's, aside from the Trek one. At least, that's what most guests do. So you'll probably have several chances to see them talking specifically about BSG, in addition to the Trek panel. Yay!

And thanks for the Friday heads-up. I hadn't looked at the schedule, so I didn't know when their Q&A was. Alas, this means I'm going to have to ask for Friday off work, and the asst. principal is going to bitch and moan about it. Ah, well. He can deal. :)
Well, I was thinking, since he's there, I would imagine that he'd do more than one 90 minute Trek vs Galactcia panel. I'm sure the Con itself still has a ways to go in finalizing schedules. Knowing my luck, he'll be talking the same time as Joss to which I say, Joss who? ;)

Alas, this means I'm going to have to ask for Friday off work, and the asst. principal is going to bitch and moan about it.

Your sacrifice is appreciated. As the big weekend approaches, we'll need to swap contact info to ensure we meet up. :)
GET OUT! :channels Elaine from Seinfield:
When, and where is the con?
Kim= completely excited for you!!!!!
Heeeeee!!! Love your icon. ;)

The Con is Sept 2-5 (though I'm leaving the evening of the 4th) in Atlanta. I wish it was closer to you gals. I asked Crystal how long a drive it was and she said about 8 hours. :( Of course, if Helo suddenly shows, you may change your tune...
what fun that would be!
HELO! RRRRAAWWWWWRRRR, but hey Bambers not so bad either!
Wow! Is it possible to spontaneously combust from squee? If so, I should be worried about you. ;-)

Isn't Richard Hatch there every year? Though this year, people may actually be interested in his appearance. ;p

I have not booked my flight yet. Hey, I have four weeks. FOUR WEEKS! OK, I'm a little confused, I thought folks were getting in Thursday? Is no one arriving until Friday?
I'm arriving on Thursday. And I will be in the front row with you, trying very hard not to drool and ask him pointed questions about Lee/Laura.
Phew. One detail straightened out. I'll still plan on arriving on Thursday then. I'd rather get registered and have our routes planned out so we have plenty of time to camp out in line on Friday. We just don't have the Galactica fans to contend with, but the Trek nuts too! ;)

A friend here (divahag on LJ) is now thinking about coming. I guess I inspired her with all my talk about it. It would be fun to have someone to fly down and back with if possible.

Do we have the guts to ask him about Lee and Laura? At the very least, I want him to state publicly that Lee does not consider her a surrogate mom. And then confess he loves her and not Kara. :)
I'm giddy for you!! You are bringing your camera, no doubt :) Pictures!!
Heeee! I had to look back over your old posts, because I was pretty sure I remembered this:

I'm more excited about meeting the girls (this includes you molly_may) than the Con itself. Unless of course Mr Bamber is scheduled to appear at the last minute. In that case, it's been nice knowing you all. :)

It was fate, Asta. This was meant to be. Now I just hope you can squeeze us in for lunch one day between Jamie!Stalking. ;)
::Face Palms::

I knew my words would come back to haunt me one day. Damn you woman! ;p

You are more than welcome to restrain me accompany me at the Q&A. :)
If there's nothing Jossverse related going on at that time, I will be there. Someone has to protect Mr. Bamber!