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And in the meantime....

Overall, I found this particular podcast rather boring. There was much discussion regarding the technical aspects of the show which isn’t of much interest to me. Apparently, there was a lot of re-editing of the episode with RM claiming they could fill a DVD with the various cuts. However, he still isn’t completely satisfied, feeling that the opening shots didn’t have the urgency they should have. This ep picks up moments after ‘Scattered’ ended, yet he feels that the interaction of Lee and the nuggets is too relaxed and they seem too unaware of the situation giving the sense that more time has passed.

The scenes between Dee and Billy that bookend the show were shot much later and edited in. The concern was that the show had become too dark and that wanted to add some lightness (that’s light???), to tell a human story amongst the action.

When they cut to a shot of the fleet in space as Geata transmits his warning, originally we were to hear voices from those on the other ships expressing both panic and concern. It would have been interesting, imo, and reminiscent of the scene in the mini when we hear the despair and anger of those left behind when Roslin gives Lee the order to have the fleet jump.

The show had to fight for the Adama/Baby scene. Given the original cut was much more graphic (including air bubbles rising to the surface of the water) I could understand the network being queasy. But, they needed the scenes to establish that, at least in Baltar’s mind, Adama is to be a major obstacle to Baltar fulfilling his destiny.

I was trying to steer clear of assuming that Six’s revelation of human sacrifice to be the truth. But, apparently, it is. RM said they wanted to establish that Kobol is far from the Eden many think believe it to be. Bad things happened there and those that left were forced to flee from paradise.

There were to be more Tigh/Adama scenes set at same time as the previous flashbacks, but I think were cut do to time issues. There was one interesting revelation from the scenes, but I’m thinking it may come up later, so I’ll skip discussing it for now.

As most of you already know, Tahmoh and Katee did the painting on the wall and RM seems to be enamored with this idea of Kara leading a bohemian existence. He also stated that her father (it’s his jacket she puts on) is the musician playing the piano (one mystery solved). Total speculation, but I’m wondering as they continue to use storylines from the original series that we may yet meet Starbuck’s father.

RM seemed a little defensive about fans questioning plot points or continuity issues. He feels you can find a rationale for everything if you think about it or do people prefer picking everything apart? Er, how well does he know online fandom? ;)

All of which may help explain why he had to reiterate the reason a team wasn’t sent to investigate the crash or how the Cylons were easily able to make there way through the ship. He reminds us that the Galactica had been decommissioned meaning it was most likely down to a skeleton crew and undermanned.

Crashdown’s inexperience and ineptitude makes more sense when RM makes clear that he is not a trained ground/combat officer and that, in spite of that, he really is trying to live up to ideals he believes the military has established.

Aaron Douglas portrayal of Tyrol’s anguish was in large part due to his having gone through a similar situation in real life. RM concedes it was very hard for him to get through the scenes, and he was willing to rewrite them to spare him having to deal with those emotions, but he wanted to go through with it as written. RM also wishes he had not cut out a scene from KLG that established that Tyrol was the one to have gotten Socinus released from the brig and returned to duty, thus adding to Tyrol’s guilt over his death.

A subplot (of sorts) between Tigh and Lee was, thankfully, cut. Tigh and Lee’s dialogue was much more substantial in an earlier version. When Lee manages to phone CIC and explain to Tigh the situation, after listening, Tigh asks to speak to the private. Lee is confused, *he* is in command, and orders need to go through him. Tigh relieves him of duty, but not before telling him that he is not someone who can be counted on and he’s been a disappointment to everyone in his life - his father said as much. Lee refuses to relinquish command and Tigh must acquiesce.

Later, at Adama’s bedside, Lee ask Tigh if it’s true that his father had said those things about him, assuming Tigh spoke the truth. Tigh then confesses Adama felt ‘the sun rises and sets on you’. The scene continues with what we ultimately saw on screen, Tigh’s anger over Lee pointing the gun at his head, blah, blah, blah.

I have to agree with RM that the inclusion of those moments would have been a misstep. He felt there was already a sufficient amount of conflict between the two. And, me, I feel we already can see Lee’s concerns over having failed to meet his father’ expectations again. Did we need to see Lee feel any lower and, sorry, but come off rather weak and insecure?

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