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In an effort to prove I can talk about shows other than the one that shall not be named that has eaten my brain, I will make random observations about other shows.

I watched 'Veronica Mars' tonight. That's four weeks in a row! I'm still not seeing what everyone else is seeing, but I was able to tear myself away from the dirty dishes as soon as the commercial breaks ended, so, progress. Tonight's ep was 'Russkie Business'. OK, there can't possibly be shipper wars on this show because it's pretty obvious even to this casual viewer that Logan and Veronica belong together. Then again, it doesn't seem that Veronica has bought herself a clue yet. Even Duncan picked up on the how they looked in the hallway. The not so subtle arm touching? He soooo wants you sweetie. And in the twisted social setting of high school, it's his way of showing everyone that they're friendly/friends, making her cool by association again and no longer the school outcast.

Oh, lets not forget the breaking down and crying on Veronica's shoulder. The angst! Love it!

Now, why did his mother have to die and not that bitch sister? I didn't think I could hate Aly more. I can!

I followed up with watching Black Adder on BBC America. They were showing the final two eps of series 2 which both featured Hugh Laurie. His Prince Ludwig, self-proclaimed master of disguise, is hysterical. It's funny how when I started watching House all I could think of was his work on Black Adder. Now, I watch Black Adder and think of House.

I just found out some casting info regarding the upcoming season of Alias.....they hired that no talent blonde from 'The Inside' as Syd's new mentee?! What the hell is JJ thinking? Kill the show by degrees? It almost makes me long for the return of Lauren. Honestly, I'm not sure even Michael Vartan will be enough to keep me around. And how is he going to deal with playing the father to the baby of the man he got tossed over for? Yikes.

See, whole post, didn't once mention you know what. :)
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