Asta 2


Not only have I successfully converted no_detective to the genius of Battlestar Galactica, guess which ship she has jumped aboard? ;-) I wouldn't call her a shipper at this time - just very insightful as to the way things should be. ;) And she's only through 'Colonial Day', so, who knows?
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But, see, I didn't even push the Lee/Laura angle, she just saw it for herself! Once she gets her thoughts together, it would be interesting to see how she drew the correct conclusion. ;) It seems the mini solidified the chemistry for her.
Your evil influence couldn't touch me as far as ship choices anyway. You're a mad woman! :p
You couldn't get me on your 'ship either (though my indifference to Lee and hatred for Laura means I wouldn't care if they did get together, just before a giant meteorite took them both out of course) but you are a pimper extraordinaire. I just finished watching the first two eps of this season and O.M.G. I adore this show, especially the second one. Made me cry, stupid TV show. Love it.
'Valley of Darkness' was, in my opinion, the best episode to date. I think my stomach was in knots for most of it. Of course, I adored Lee in it, but there were many other things to love as well. I'm curious to find out tonight how bad the body count was.