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Really Quick Barely Coherent Thought

Remember how I said that last week's episode of BSG was the best to date? I take it back. Tonight's totally kicked last week's ass. I'm still processing. I continue to be amazed and awed. Much more later.
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I truly love this show. I also watch SG-1 and SG-Atlantis, and even though I like them, they seem crude and amateurish next to BSG. This show is just amazing.
You big tease. ;-)

Just wanted to say that your package arrived - WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Thank you very, very much. I had no time to watch it today and tomorrow I'll be out at the uni until pretty late, but Sunday is definitely BSG day. Oh yes. *tingles in anticipation*

Also, one of my roommates stopped by while I was watching the mini for the second time last night, and now he's hooked too. Your influence is stunning. Say, ever thought of going into politics?
Darn you. I'm d/l'ing episode 3 as I type this. Someone remind me about this whole "watching first run shows on an actual tv instead of computer" thing again?
I'm in total agreement - can't wait for more of your detailed comments!