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Too Many Men, Too Little Time

So other than spending copious amounts of time discussing BSG this weekend, I did manage to squeeze in two movies. This afternoon I saw The Island. My feelings about it are rather mixed. I really enjoyed the first hour or so as Ewan’s character Lincoln comes to discover the truth about his existence. But then it devolved into the typical barrage of gunfire and explosions signaling that, yes, this is a Michael Bay film. And they really lost my suspension of disbelief with one particular death defying stunt. It all reminded me a bit of ‘Logan’s Run’ accept with better actors, sets, and affects.

I also journeyed to two Blockbusters this weekend in search of ‘Horatio Hornblower’. Surprise, they had none of the films. I guess I’ll be breaking down and getting that Netflix subscription after all. Now, I just need to decide which deal to get.

As I was perusing the shelves there I did spot a copy of The Girl From Rio starring Hugh Laurie. Not-so-secret message to no_detective you MUST rent this film! Hugh dances and very well. Need I say more? For anyone else who might be interested for less dirty minded reasons, it’s a cute romantic comedy reminiscent of ‘A Fish Called Wanda’. Oh, and be sure to check out the interviews. Hugh being that funny and charming and self-deprecating should be illegal.

As to not disappoint sal101010 again,

OK, Julian Sands is now playing evil religious zealot aliens in bad make-up. I guess it beats unemployment.

Once again, Claudia kicked all kinds of ass as Vala. She’s my favorite character thus far and she’s only a guest star. L Favorite Vala moment - when she told Daniel to look at the end of the book and see how it all turns out.

I have some issues with Stargate’s heavy-handed views on religion and the fact that we are apparently policing the universe, saving people from opportunists/religious zealots. It’s interesting to view this show right before BSG. SG-1 seems much more pro military whereas Galactica has a much more pessimistic view of it.

The Ori vs. the Ancients - should I be disturbed that Daniel’s explanations started making sense to me?

And let me end with a mini-rant. I’ve never been to a big time sci-fi convention before, but can someone please explain to me how they come up with the scheduling for these things? Looking at some of the tracks I see a lot of what I would call ‘dead time’. Meaning, panels where people sit around discussing stuff we’ve already discussed to death online. Yet, guess what? The Firefly panel is the same fracking time as the Galactica one! Grrrrrr. Somehow I’m thinking I will be alone with Jamie. Wait, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. ;)

If rumors are not true, Joss will be speaking on Monday. I won’t be there on Monday unless the hotel will allow me to sleep in the lobby. While this may make me the worst fan EVA, I’m not that upset about it. What’s he going to say in person that I haven’t read about and disagreed with already? ;) The conflict on Friday is bugging me much more.

ETA: BTW, there doesn't look to be a podcast for this weeks BSG. I'll check again before tomorrow nights rebroadcast.
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