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I need to wish the lovely, kind, sweet, and funny addicted2goo a very Happy Birthday!. And even though she'd pick Helo over Lee, I still think she has pretty good taste. ;p So sorry I couldn't attend the big B-Day bash, but I was there in spirit. Hope you have a great day. :)

Also, the always insightful no_detective has managed to play catch up over the past two weeks and has seen all of Galactica through 'Valley of Darkness'. She's already made observations that I completely failed to notice even though I've seen every episode a multitude of times. Bitca. :p But, seriously, go partake of her brilliance.
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Meh? Helo is alive?!!!

I thought he would have died when he stayed behind!
Er, long story. Which, Hey!, if you had listened to the mini commentary would have been explained. Phew, off the hook for spoilage. Get thee to the series!
As far as I could tell there was no commentary so :p

However hopefully disc one of the series is on its way...
Hey....Helo, Lee....who could go wrong with EITHER of those fine young men??????
HMMMMMM????? Thank you so much for the sweet bday props! Your the bestest, and next time....you must be there for bday party fun-ness. Did I mention I'm tired??? :)
Sounds like you did some more partying. ;) As soon as airfares become like $50 a shot, I'll be down there for all your birthdays! :)

Nice icon btw. ;-)
Hey....I'm holding you to that....
the only thing that could make that icon any better was if it were Lee/ Laura ;)
I've been pimped! Hooray! In gratitude, I am granting you special permission to call me bitca - because, as far as BSG is concerned, I'm your bitca. ;-)

I'm sure you will be pimped often around here. Hmmmmmm, that doesn't sound so good. ;-)