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cathyteach2 if you're reading this, here's your reminder that BSG repeats at 11:00est tonight. :)

In Bamber related news, I made quite the spectacle of myself earlier this evening. Luckily, there were no witnesses. After an afternoon at work in which I was close to killing someone, anyone (I wasn't feeling picky), I collpased on the couch when I got home and preceeded to scan the cable. Lately, I've taken to looking ahead to what's on the Biography channel because I know they repeat much of sister station A&E's programming. So, guess what I found playing at 10am and 4pm on Wednesday? Horatio Hornblower! Yes! I'll finally get to see Jamie before the arms. ;)

And for those of you pestering me about not having booked my flight yet for Dragon*Con, I say HA! Turns out in the two weeks since I last looked there are now several direct flights into Atlanta. Though, I've never flown Delta and my mother had to point out at one point in their history (years ago may I say) they had several crashes. Thanks mom. ::reminds self that flying is safer than driving::

I've noticed I've been friended by several people recently. ::waves to new people:: Don't be shy. If you came here for 'Galactica' discussion and fawning, you're in the right place. ;-)

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