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A New Perspective on Things

As my chat room compatriots know I was pretty pissed off last night. It's not so much I mind being discussed, just don't manipulate what I supposedly said or outright lie about me when doing it. I was all prepared to defend myself and refute certain statements. Heck, I filled two pages of a legal pad with my counterpoints and personal disgust with the whole situation.

Then as I finished writing I looked at the clock last night realizing I had spent a large chunk of the night dealing with this. I said to myself "What the Hell are you doing? Why are you wasting your time on this crap and the person who can't seem to let it go?"

For those of you who don't know (and probably don't care) this involves the board I was formerly a member. I thought the problem was resolved. God knows I moved on. But, yesterday afternoon, I have to see this dreck brought back up again. I swear, I next expect to discover I'm responsible for the unrest in the Middle East.

I could waste more time refuting things that were said or implied. But, I figured I've already wasted enough time on this subject. The people who know me know what kind of person I am and since I haven't lost any friends over this I'll take it as a good sign. Whether it was wise of me to voice my displeasure with aspects of the board is open to debate. But, I did it, I live (quite well) with my decision, and have been fortunate to become acquainted with some great individuals because of it.

Now, for people who don't know me, it just seems silly to try to refute claims that have been made. They have no reason to believe me and it merely becomes an ongoing cycle of she said/she said. Frankly, I just want the cycle to end. It's pointless to argue and accuse, only draining my energies and I have far better things to do with my time.

OK, I do feel compelled to say this, for my own personal record, I never viewed fellow posters who disagreed with me as stupid, wasn't devastated by the loss of chat since it took all of 24 hours to find a new one, and have never hated the board or people who post there. I don't hate anything or anyone period. Did I dislike a few people? Yeah, sure. Then again, I work in an office with over three hundred employees, I don't like all of them either.

I really hope this is over now. I actually flirted with the idea of re-registering and posting in an attempt to clean some of this mess up. Course, bit hard to do when the thread is locked.

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