The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

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This Will Be Quick

They finally got Ben into some leather pants! :)

I actually saw some Daniel/Vala chemistry tonight. The scene with them in his lab was very cute. I'm really surprised the credit card companies haven't mined the alien opportunities because thousands of planets yet to explore? Priceless.

Inconceivable! It's Wallace Shawn. Did he miss his Sci-Fi days on DS9?

Other than that. Eh. The trading story I'd seen done numerous times before (and in a more interesting manner). The aliens looked like rejects from 'Farscape'. And they ripped off way too much dialogue from 'Star Wars'. "I've made some special modifications." Yeah, and while she doesn't look like much she's got it where it counts.....

As you know, I love BSG dearly. But, really, enough with the frakking promos. Note to Sci-Fi: If you're going to inundate us with commercials, create more than one.
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