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BSG Ep 4: Resistance

‘Resistance’ is probably the hardest ep for me to judge thus far. It had some absolutely brilliant moments tempered with continuity issues and lapses in logic. It’s no that it was bad by any stretch of my imagination, just that I’ve come to expect so much from this show I felt let down in spots.

I was spoiled long ago about Lee’s assisting Laura to escape. My focus then became on how he was going to go about pulling it off. I felt towards the end of last season one of the Sharon’s had to go and with Caprica Sharon’s pregnancy it seemed clear who was Dead Sharon Walking. Still, I had no idea when her death would come or that it would hit me so hard. And I was absolutely floored when we see that it is Cally that appoints herself judge, jury, and executioner. But, with the revelation that there are eight cylons among them and my paranoia in overdrive could Cally be a cylon under orders to eliminate a traitor? Bare with me, I also have hunches that Gaeta, (who was loyal to Tigh to the point of calling Roslin the “former president” and who now has leverage against Dee) and Billy (discussion to follow) may be cylons so I’m doing a lot of hypothesizing with very little proof.

I’ll start with what I considered some of the weak links in this episode. While I was happy to see the return of Starbuck and Helo and their bickering (Helo’s “Don’t start.” is soooo me), their storyline seemed more like a necessity to set up some not as yet known future events rather than being an integral part of the story. I would have been shocked to find out there were no other survivors on Caprica and I agree with Kara’s assessment that they are going to need help if they want to get off the planet. However, a pyramid team? Couldn’t they have at least been some survivalist group training in the mountains? Or a reservist unit? We have some incredibly strong athletes, but I’m just not seeing Lance Armstrong being able to hop off his bike and pick up an AK-47.

And while I have no problem with Kara taking a little R&R after everything she’s been through, she just would not be physically fit enough after the beating she took at the hands of six to be that active. My assumption after seeing her struggle to put on the coat in VoD is that she probably has some cracked ribs. Since I’m not a Lee/Kara shipper, I really don’t care about the quasi-flittering going on, but I have to say that after fantasizing about your dead fiancé’s brother a mere week ago (if that) and now we’re introduced to a guy who bares more than a passing resemblance to Lee, Kara, sweetie, you need to see if there is a therapist somewhere in the fleet.

Other continuity issues I had (as well as danceswithwords ) involved Adama’s super speedy recovery. A day has perhaps passed since his surgery. He was just coming out of the coma when Lee took off, maybe an hour or two before. Yet, he’s walking to Tigh’s quarters and fully alert. Um, don’t think so. I’m not seeing their medical technology as any more advanced then ours. Granted, when I first saw Adama in that doorway, it was a great dramatic moment. Then my brain has to go and start thinking and realize this can’t happen.

To make matters worse, one of the first things he does is ask for drink and Tigh to join him. Yes, he doesn’t know how bad things have gotten. For some reason, I’m thinking he may have a clue about the martial law, but probably not about the civilian deaths and he obviously doesn’t know his son just took off with the president to help form a resistance movement. Still, he knows about Tigh’s drinking problem and probably can guess that the stress has caused it to get worse. Don’t encourage the man to drink.

At this point I started making a lot of assumptions about Adama to which DWW had to ask me ‘Do you know that?’ For the record, I do know stuff that’s coming up, but I know nothing of what’s going to ioccur between Adama and Tigh. If it’s out there, I haven’t seen it. It’s just that I got the disturbing vibe (coupled with what I saw in the preview) that Tigh is going to get away with a lot of what he’s done. I did agree with Adama’s statement that it’s a tough job being in command, having to make life and death decisions with no one to turn to (hey, didn’t Tigh alienate a lot of the people who could have, should have supported him though?) and even I can be forgiving of some of Tigh’s errors. However, Tigh’s mistakes were coupled with an attitude and arrogance I could not ignore. He had a blatant disregard for the opinions, hell, it seemed even the welfare, of the civilian population until it was too late. He turned to drink and the council of his wife at every turn. His behavior was appalling and just plain ugly. The only thing he’s done right since ‘Scattered’ is not shoot down Lee and that was less an act of conscious then the fact that Adama never could have forgiven him.

I’m not advocating Tigh be thrown into the brig by Adama, but I want Tigh to experience some consequences for his way of thinking and actions resulting from it. I just sense Adama’s quickly going to fall back to blaming Roslin, making it personal, seeing her as the enemy who, once again, separated him from his son. When will he get that Lee has a mind of his own? It was largely his plan that freed Laura and, on rewatch, I caught that he was the one who planted the seed of the idea - pointing out how the Corporeal still called her president and that she still had a lot of support on the fleet (courtesy of Dee the Informant - love her!).

My final issue with this episode was Billy’s reasoning for not accompanying Roslin. The kicker for me was that he understood what she was doing, but that it will divide the fleet. Er, isn’t the fleet already divided? Didn’t four people die because of that? Let me refer to a scene in the preseason promos (which I will refer to again later in regards to Lee) that has evidently been cut and say events have already been set in motion, Laura had no way of knowing that Adama was about to wake up and, even so, has to be concerned as to what he may yet do with her. And, deep down, I think the solution she wanted was one that, ironically Tigh mentioned to Ellen - sit down at a table and discuss all this. Given what’s she’s got to go on at the moment, I don’t think she felt she had a choice. Lee feels the same way and considering the support she had, including members of the bridge crew and flight crew, it seems the consensus was that she needed to get off that ship.

It’s a noble idea that Billy can’t take part in what he believes will lead to a civil war and therefore chooses to stay on the side of martial law for the time being. It also provides an interesting parallel with Lee whose own conscience forced him to break with the military and his father. But, as I said before, it just doesn’t make sense to me given how dire things have become. He really would think sticking with Tigh is the better choice? Why help Laura to escape? He could have begged off sooner letting her know he won’t stop her, but he can’t help her. I have to believe one of two things. Either, yes, personal feelings played a significant role in his decision making. He couldn’t face the possibility of never seeing Dee again nor could he allow her to take the fall if her duplicity was revealed. Or, he’s a cylon and following the president would severely compromise the intelligence information he’s able to relay.

Hmmm, let’s see, who haven’t I talked about yet? Oh, yeah, that Lee guy. ;) I won’t go overboard with shippy ramblings, but, yes, I was a happy shipper last night. The L/L relationship is developing perfectly, imho. No, I didn’t see anything overtly romantic or sexual (though, I swear, for a nanosecond I thought they were going to hug when she walked through that causeway door), but there’s a very natural progression happening between them. Granted, being confined to cells and trying not to have your conversations heard is going to force you into close proximity, but they seem increasingly comfortable in each other’s personal space. And whereas they use to have more of a subordinate/superior role to each other, I now see them as equals. Their conversations are no longer halted by uncertainties, rather fluid bordering on instinctual. My favorite exchange followed Laura’s statement that she had to get out of there:

Lee: “I’m right with you”
Laura: “I’m so glad you said that”

Me too. ;) But, seriously, they have become very dependant on each other. She’s understood him like no one else has, reinforced his ideology, and given him hope in the form of the presidency. He’s stood by her even through the bad decisions and has a faith in her not born of her role as prophet. Now, with Billy leaving her, he is her sole voice of reason and support. And after Lee announced he had a plan, but was lacking a way for them to get flight clearance Laura chimes in that she has that covered. I loved his slightly surprised “Really?”. While he’s been learning to maneuver on the civilian front, she’s seems to have picked up on some strategic planning from him. Then again, I think he’s also learning that she can be quite manipulative when she has to be - even down to the little details like eating something you don’t like.

Something I noticed about Lee was how much he seemed to be smiling throughout the episode. His father’s in a coma, his best friend is MIA, the fleet is in chaos, and he’s confined to the brig when not on duty. While I can’t say he was happy, I can say he didn’t seem miserable. I think we’re seeing proof that he’s freed himself, if not physically, psychologically from the confines of the uniform and judgment of his father. Really, how much farther did he have to fall? It’s liberated him.

The weight began being lifted when he said the words to Tigh in VoD - he’s not a fit for that uniform. He has seen, repeatedly, he’s still respected by the vast majority of those he works with because they know the man that he is. Even Dee (have I mentioned how much I love Dee now?), who only days before expressed her anger at Billy for the mutiny is now telling Lee “I wish you were in command sir” which is a sweet sentiment, but, in reality is the last thing Lee wants and quickly changes the subject.

Not that there was anything wrong with the old Lee, but the one we see here as a new found confidence. Even in the heartbreaking exchange with his father, he’s able to joke “I’m sure you won’t approve, but I guess that’s nothing new.” Sure, he’s not pleased that this rift still exists and his father isn’t able to see where he’s coming from, but I’m not feeling it’s causing him the pain it once did. The “Goodbye Dad” just killed me though. It seemed so final, even if we know it’s not. But, Lee doesn’t know that and after everything I really think he hoped to make peace with his father. Agree to disagree at least.

I mentioned earlier an apparently cut scene involving Lee and Laura that was run in the promos for the upcoming season. My hunch has always been it should have been in the premiere, but given they are free from the brig now I think it’s safe to say we’ll never see it in the context of the show. For those who aren’t sure what I’m talking about, it’s Lee’s line to Laura that he’s glad she has something to believe in because he doesn’t. Given how events have played out, I’m glad it was cut. Call me crazy, but I’m seeing an *almost* optimistic Lee here. He has belief in himself and his course of action and that there is something he can do to maybe right this situation. He has a mission - help Laura help salvage the fleet. Even his telling Tigh to do what he had to do in regards to firing on the raptor I didn’t see as fatalistic. I think he was certain that either Tigh wouldn’t have the balls to kill Adama’s only remaining child or that Hotdog wouldn’t be able to shoot him down. It was a calculated risk, but the odds were on his side.

Crap, this is getting very long and I still have more to say.

For the second week in a row, Baltar surprised me for the good. He managed to find a way to determine how many cylons are in the fleet. Will he share the information? Probably not at this time. But, I think it’s important to note that his actions were his own and independent of Six. He’s growing more and more in control of the situation he finds himself in and he’s beginning to utilize the weaknesses he’s seeing in the cylons.

I felt all last season that Grace Park was the week link on the show, but, damn, she impressed me last night. Sharon just broke my heart. She was (was ::sniff: ) more lost and alone than anyone in the fleet. To paraphrase Buffy - ’can’t be a human, can’t be a cylon’. She’s part of both words, but belongs in neither. I’d hazard to guess, she’d have tried suicide again or would have been eliminated by another cylon (assuming Cally isn’t one) so, maybe, her death was a merciful one. Then again, if a cylon consciousness is transmitted upon death could this form of Sharon pop up again?

Sweet little Cally now scares the hell out of me. Her line about joining the military to pay for dental school takes on a whole new significance here. She just isn’t emotionally capable of handling all this. Did she finally see and hear too much and snapped as a result of post-traumatic stress? I get her loyalty to Tyrol, but gunning down Sharon wasn’t going to help him. It was a psychotic break. Or, she’s a cylon. ;)

Now, off to contemplate whether Lee calling the president “Mam“ was significant or a continuity gaff.
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  • Off Conning

    I've been meaning to post for days, but between work and D*C planning and failing miserably at trying to complete a project, it just never happened.…

  • It Must Be the Weekend: TV Roundup

    Yes, I now have True Blood icons. Don't get too excited. My enthusiasm may not extend beyond this season. But before we get to True Blood, White…

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