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Podcast for 'Resistance'

As I feared, Galactica has eaten my brain this weekend. I still haven’t gotten to Archie the Horatio Hornblower movies. I will get at least one in today though.

I just finished listening to the pod cast for ‘Resistance’. For the most part, I enjoy listening to these, but Ron’s ego sometimes gets in the way of that. If he doesn’t outright say how clever he is, he heavily hints at it. And I get more than a little annoyed when I want to hear about a specific scene and he’s still going on about a scene that happened two before it because, gee, wasn’t it great what we came up with. Let us decide that, OK?

- FYI, Ron plans on going back and doing podcast for ‘Fragged’ when time permits

- The subplot of Tyrol being under suspicion as a cylon/cylon collaborater was not in early drafts of script. Later, it was decided that because Tyrol was in love with Sharon and everyone knew it that suspicion would naturally fall to him.

- There was a Sharon/Baltar storyline in which Baltar interrogates Sharon. He shows an interest in her psychologically and desires to understand her (the cylon) way of thinking to find a way to counter beings like her in the future. The writers also envisioned a bit of a Balter/Six/Sharon triangle at one point - Six not appreciating Baltar’s interest in Sharon.

- Jack Ruby was always the inspiration for Cally gunning down Boomer. They wanted her to come to a shocking end. RM explains Cally’s actions as being a result of the situation. There is a lot of anger about having Sharon on the ship. For the people, she is representative not just of her race, but the root of all the problems on Galactica - everything these people have gone through can be track backed to her in some way.

- They wanted to emphasize in this episode the informal relationship Dee has with the pilots on Galactica (RM pointed out that hers is the voice all of them hear in their communications with Galactica and that that would create a sort of bond) and that her routine of falling in step in with Lee would, therefore, be tolerated by his guards.

- OK, this is an observation I made right before RM mentioned it, but how the hell did I miss Dee checking out Lee’s ass???? She even smiles. The little hussy. Maybe it’s a good thing Billy stayed behind.

- They are putting Ellen to greater use in order to explore the husband and wife dynamic and how it can be a detriment to other people. RM pointed out how Ellen reacts to weakness in Tigh in a very predatory way

- Blame RM for the pyramid scheme (hey, I had to say it :p). He liked the absurd quality of them being a pyramid team and wanted to incorporate part of Kara’s backstory - how she wanted to be a pyramid player before becoming a viper pilot.

- Venner was used to show how the religious connection could override military training. They even toyed with the idea of keeping him around Laura, but it was decided that he served his purpose (helping free her) and that the audience wasn’t dying to see him again. I’m sure his portrayer will love hearing that.

- The incident on the Gideon was actually inspired by the Boston Massacre rather than Kent State because, like Boston, the soldiers are in a situation they are completely unprepared for.

- Laura and Lee’s escape was triggered by the shooting. They would not have been plotting a way out without reaching a breaking point.

- Did anyone else notice that the private who stops Laura in the causeway dropped a sandwich before pointing her gun at her? Apparently, after Laura and the others leave she goes back to pick up the sandwich and begins eating it showing how life goes on. Several people told RM that the segment had to go. Thank you anonymous people.

- Myself and others have already talked about Billy’s illogical and lame ass reasons for staying behind, but for those who don’t know his portrayer, Paul Campbell (?), had an opportunity to do a WB pilot (curse you again WB!) and the show was contractually obligated to let him do it. And, yes, there was a question that he may leave the show so they needed to create an option including a potential a way of killing him. Good news is the pilot wasn‘t picked up (hence why I don‘t count this as spoilage - he lives!…..for now). Originally, Billy was to accompany Laura and will be rejoining her at some point.

- Another horrible idea I was glad was cut from early drafts of the script - Ellen hanging out in the CIC. She was going to be portrayed as ‘Queen of the Ship’, having Dee fetch her coffee and bitching to Gaeta about supply shortages. And she was suppose to be there when Tigh had his standoff with Lee - goading him into taking out the raptor. Ultimately it was deemed too unbelievable. Really?

- Gaeta covers for Dee out of friendship. I’m still not sure about that.

- RM really obsessed over the parole issue and whether or not Lee broke it. Essentially, he looked for loopholes. For instance, was he off duty when plotting? He feels they skated close to the line of the finer points of honor and was surprised he received no notes on it from the network or the staff. It was more of an internal struggle for him rationalizing Lee’s actions. He wanted to keep Lee on that side of the bright shining line.

- The tension between Kara and Anders was toned down. There was too much of it, too many looks, so it was edited out.

- Adama, apparently, has no recriminations against Tigh. He accepts whatever happened happened and (in my opinion, harkening back to what he told Lee in ‘Water‘) they just have to live with decisions they make. He‘s letting Tigh off so they can move on to pick up the pieces. I really hope it’s not going to be that cut and dry.

- Cally killing Sharon really foils Baltar’s plans. His intent was to continue getting information out of her.

- A couple of random notes - there was quite a bit of green screen used in this ep and damn if I could tell. Great work by the CGI people. Ron’s also been experimenting with recording the writers meetings and once they get sound issues worked out we may be privy to the creative process.
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