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Horatio Hornblower

This evening I watched 'The Duchess and the Devil' and the first half of 'Mutiny'. I had to stop watching the latter because a) Wanted was coming on (it's Gary Cole - shut up) and b) the captain was getting on my last nerve.

So far, I'm liking these films more so then the last time around. And, yes, my eyes now focused on Jamie has a lot to do with that. I was anxiously awaiting his presence in TDatD and wondering where the hell he was. Then I get my introduction to Archie Kennedy and was blown away. It took about two seconds for my heart to break for him. The boy can act. Sure, he's good on 'Galactica', but I'm now feeling we haven't really seen him stretched to his full potential there. I could feel Archie's pain, despair and lack of forgiveness he towards himself. It wasn't weakness that caused him to go nearly mad - we saw Horatio start to lose it after a much shorter stay in that hole - even the strongest person would be affected by that kind of torture. The important thing is he survived. (And how much did I hate Hunter for allowing him to starve himself to death. Then the bastard had to go and sacrifice himself.) Of course, I already know his ultimate fate and that my heart is going to be smashed into tiny pieces once again. It's irrational, I know, but it's hard for me to see him suffer.

As most of you know, I'm not really into slash. Xander and Spike? I'll never get. House and Wilson? I can intellectualize that. But, OMG, Archie doesn't just love Hoartio, he loves Horatio. I mean, he conveniently passed out from starving just as Horatio asked if he had a girl back home. Talk about dodging a question. And he couldn't seem to peel his eyes off of Horatio. They would have made a very cute couple.

It's a little disturbing that even on death's door and in a bad hair extensions, I still found Jamie incredibly attractive. He also had to recite Shakepeare. ::dies::

Honestly, I tried not to draw BSG comparions, but it was hard not to. Ron Moore seemed to make a big issue in the podcast that Lee may not have been on duty when he broke his parole. In HH, I found it interesting that when Horatio gives hisparole he tells the officer that outside the hours of his parole it's his duty to try and escape - to return to his ship and country. Always a loophole.

And it's not fair to judge by one movie, but I got this sense that Archie, much as Lee, wasn't really cut out for this life they found themselves in. Then again, I don't know any of Archie's backstory and what they did mention here raised some questions for me. The men refer to Archie's "fits" and a short time later we see him convulsing in his bed. I'm assuming he suffers from epilepsy. I'm also assuming he wishes to keep that a secret? And because of that he seems to have gotten a bit of a bad wrap for buckling under pressure. Oh, and can anyone tell me how, when, where he was captured?

Again in 'Mutiny' (well, the first hour) I saw a bit of Lee - questioning the captian's orders which he sees as unjust, rightfully so, and seemingly willing to act.

That's all for now folks....
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