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Danger Will Robinson

My mother in conjunction with TV Guide just spoiled me for BSG. (yes, I am a little spoiled, but I like to be in control of my spoilage) If you have a subscription to TV Guide or have a tendancy to flip through it at the store - DO NOT look at the August 14-20 edition with The Beatles on the cover. As soon as you open it there's a picture with a big honking headline accompanying it. Ever since last years finale debacle where TV Guide gave away a lot of info, I've stayed away from it until after the shows air. But, my mother, knowing I'm a fan, thought she was doing me a favor by opening it up and shoving it in my face. I'm rationalizing that it's not a big deal because I'm getting the impression that Ron Moore and Joss Whedon have at least one thing in common - they enjoy screwing with us.

According to my friends list (it's not on her user info page - for shame) today is carrielee's birthday. Happy Birthday!. I look forward to meeting you in just a few short weeks. :)
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